Home for the Harvest Tablescape

I've been a bit of a busy bee lately buzzing through writing the first draft of my second novel, so I haven't had a ton of time to post. But I have had some fun decorating the dining room for Fall with some of my recent finds.

It started with wanting to use the Croscill tablecloth and valences I found at the Goodwill Outlet Store a few weeks back. The fabric was so nice and the colors had just the right feel for autumn. The tablecloth was a perfect fit on my round table, while the valence got easily repurposed as a mantle scarf.

The colors seemed to work nicely with some of the Roseville pottery I've uncovered at surprisingly affordable prices lately.

Here's a view of the mantle and table together. I went with 70s era Carnival glass for the table setting.

You can see a close up of the table. The plates and the goblets and candlesticks are not the same pattern, but the color is close so I think it works.

The candlesticks are actually a new find for me. They're a Harvest Grape pattern and match the goblets. I got the pair for $5, which seemed to be a pretty good buy.

The dinner plates are called Anniversary and they're made by Jeanette Glass. I bought these a while ago and I love the many iridescent colors they reflect back.

Wishing you all the bounty of the harvest at your dinner table and in your thrifting adventures!

Lady Luck and the Secondhand Score

So, been fishing for any secondhand goodies lately? Was there one that got away? :)

Me, I've been cranking away on my second book, the sequel to my humorous science fiction book, There Goes the Galaxy (and if you know a sci-fi buff looking for a fun read, I'd really appreciate it if you'd pass the word along!-- folks can see it on Amazon here.

But in spite of all the good hard work, I've also left some time for treasure hunting. And some of the items I found were happy-making. 

Like the tinted little boy photo up there who reminds me of Tom Sawyer. I got him at an antique mall in Canonsburg, PA. I imagine he's from the early part of the 1900s.

More recently, there was this $10 vintage lamp from Rossi's Pop Up Flea Market.

When I asked about it, the seller told me the price and that he would also sell me the table it was sitting on for an additional $10. My answer was no, I didn't need the table, but I needed the lamp because I have Lamp Addiction.

Now, I've said this a million times on here, so I didn't think anything of it. My Lamp Addiction is fact. But for whatever reason it struck him so funny, he completely cracked up, patted me on the arm, and I heard him chuckling well after I was headed on to other booths.

See? Lamps are great-- they bring everybody together. :)

Across Route 30 from the flea market, I hit the Goodwill Outlet. That place never ceases to amaze me. It's such a bizarre experience rooting through those bins for goodies. And the things you'll find! In the pile of textiles below there's a vintage handkerchief, an apron, some doilies, and a number of pieces from Croscill (which is normally so expensive)-- like a table cloth, some pillow shams and a valance. The material alone is worth that.

I'd gone in there and hadn't gotten a cart, because I normally only end up choosing a handful of things. But then I found brand new items that were going to work perfectly in my Alice in Wonderland themed kitchen. Like these snack dishes in a card theme... And new in the box!...

Suddenly things were getting heavy. Then I found the matching glasses..

Also in the box...

I was juggling these items, just about ready to go, when a pleasant fellow shopper I'd been talking to earlier came over with a cart saying to me, "I've never seen anybody do such a thing," or something to that effect. I admit, I was grateful for the cart!

So, that's me showing you my hand for this game!... Hope you all have good luck in your weekend adventures and you get some good... (here comes the bad pun, brace for it)... deals.

Big Box o' Roseville and Hull?

Ah, the happy Hull and Roseville family o' pottery above... You folks would just not believe the good fortune I had in the past week in finding some of these little lovelies!

I had found the Hull bow style cornucopia on the right below when I was antiquing with my buddy Josette over the Fourth of July holiday...
It had been on the floor, of all places-- easily kicked, I feared-- in the first booth of an antique mall. I almost hesitated to look at the price, because bow style Hull pottery is crazy expensive. Only the price reflected a piece that was carelessly placed on the floor and not prized, so I had it in my hands in about three seconds flat.

But the real treasure chest came along with the Hull waterlily piece on the left above. And that's where a stop at an antique mall I almost had decided not to even check out presented me with more Hull and Roseville options that I even knew what to do with. And at prices, well-- I actually thought I was reading it wrong when I saw the waterlily vase and this blue and pink wildflower vase below were $15 a piece.
 $150, I figured. $15, not so much. Then there was this gorgeous Roseville bleeding heart vase...
Admittedly, this one has a repair on the top, but the price more than reflected that. Plus, where it sits, no one but an NBA player would ever see. I just loved the look of it.

I also got this (blurry, sorry) other Roseville piece. This one's in perfect condition.

Anyway, I walked away with four pieces in a cardboard box, feeling like I was Indiana Jones having just found some amazing ancient temple of treasure. There were even others, but I didn't care for the look of them so much. It was very strange to be able to pick and choose of items I normally can't touch with a ten-foot barge pole.

Here's wishing you all find the coming weekend full of favorite things, friends, family, food and even some fun finds. Cheers!