Thrifty Places to Go!

On The Thrift Shop Romantic project site, you'll find a whole list of thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls, and architectural salvage yards you can explore in the Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio region. Each one listed there has been included because it's one I've tended to go to more than once.

So click a link to learn more!:


JennyfromAspinwall said...


You might want to add this place to your list, though it isn't quite as thrifty as one would like! The pieces are just amazing, but way pricey. It might be fun for a fun day of "idea" shopping, and drooling!

I just fell in love with the cherub in the "New Cast Stone" section.

JennyfromAspinwall said...

Oops, meant to send this, as well! It is a listing of the Architectural Salvage places in the PA region. There are quite a few of these places around, though not a lot in the Pittsburgh area.

Jenn Thorson said...

Hi, Jenny- I actually had to go look and see-- I don't currently list Architectural Emporium under Salvage, but I do have it under Antiques.

It's a beautiful place, isn't it? The pieces tend to be of such high quality, I ended up thinking of it more as an antique lighting, etc., store.

Courtney said...

So upsetting that the Peddlers Flea Market at Wildwood has closed. I adored that place, and have gotten some truly amazing pieces there.

Anywho, Your blog s great! I'm a Pittsburgher currently in upstate NY (not nearly as fun). You've got me revved up to go home and start thrifting.