Treasure Box Wednesday: A Little Shine in the Thrifted Finds

I got a chance to go on a little thrifting expedition with my shopping buddy, Scoobie, last weekend and I wanted to share with you my shiny (literally) new goodies. The first was this Kathy Van Zeeland purse I got for six bucks at the Red, White and Blue in Bellevue. With its mint green color and pearl finish, I think it will be really nice for spring.

I'm not much of a shoe girl, but handbags somehow really speak to me.

The other item I got was this large, Westmoreland/Smith glass carnival basket from the McKnight Road Goodwill. 

It's one of those things that leapt right out at me, and I had a feeling due to the busyness of the store, that I was absolutely the only one there who was going to get excited about it. I know carnival glass isn't for everyone--which in this case was to my advantage!

Wishing you happy days as our mild winter fades away into spring.

Treasure Box Thursday: Shabby, Furry and Shiny

Hello, folks! It's been a while since I've had some thrifted goodies to share with you, but I think you'll enjoy seeing the latest. It's sort of a mixed bag, but I think the diversity of items you can find at thrift stores, in flea markets and at antique malls is part of what makes the quest fun. The first thing I have to share is this cute needlework sleeping cat pillowcase I found at the Salvation Army for $0.79. I don't know if this was machine done or someone's project (I'm not patient enough to do needlework myself so am not familiar with how you tell) but I thought it was fun.

And it reminded me a little of someone at home. Someone who did not need any coaxing to pose with her likeness...

The next thing I found was this 70s carnival glass candy dish at the Goodwill outlet in North Versailles, PA. It's dusty, but don't let the dirt fool you. It's in surprisingly good condition considering it was hanging out in one of the outlet's large, mish-mashed bins.

And last, I got this pretty, slightly shabby transferware tray. It's a bit uneven around the edges with wear and tear, but it suits the colors of my diningroom and really has a nice Victorian feel.

So, that's this Treasure Box Thursday! Hopefully as spring comes and I'm spending less time winding up my Dad's estate (you wouldn't BELIEVE what a time-consumer that is-- or maybe you've been through it and you would!), I will be able to offer more fun blog posts to you all. I know it's been spotty lately between that and my trying to write my second book.

Cloning-- the answer to my multi-tasking might be making myself a clone. :) What do you think?

Have a great rest of your week!