Treasure Box Wednesday: Queenly Treasures at the Regent Square Neighborhood Yardsale

I do believe I have the weather to thank. Because this past Saturday was the first one in many years I can think of where the day of the Regent Square Neighborhood yard sale had no threat of rain.

As a result, everyone thinking about selling their unneeded items, and making a few bucks, DID. And everyone looking for goodies-- and there were a ton of us-- were walking around the sun-dappled streets carrying armfuls of treasures.

Seriously-- every person I saw walking down the street appeared to be carrying bags of purchases. And I find it amazing because I, too, found so many good things at great prices it seems impossible there was enough to go around.

One of my favorite items was this ten inch tall McCoy butterfly pattern vase. I had seen it in my McCoy book a while back and I loved the shape. It was one I definitely thought if I ran across, I would be interested in having. And there it was, unpriced, on a long table.
 I enquired, imagining it would be at least $20, considering its size and great shape. And do you know what the response was?

"Oh... a dollar."

ACK! I had my money out in a flash.

At another house, I found this (somewhat blurry, sorry) pink swan McCoy vase. It was at a somewhat pricier (snicker) $3.
 And at yet another stop, I got this cute USA pottery wallpocket for $3, as well.

I got two stained glass heart suncatchers I want to use in my kitchen windows... Here's the purple one...
 And the red, blue and purple...
 I snagged this tapestry of the Tower of London for $3, too. I think it might make a nice pillow.
 I nabbed this Victorian transferware bowl with nymphs on it in a far corner of the sale area. They actually seemed surprised I even wanted it...
 I got this pretty vintage floral tablecloth for $1, and aside from being wrinkled, it's in great condition...

 This vintage teacup with gold leafing was fifty cents. It was the lady's grandmother's, she said.
 And I couldn't go to a sale like this without coming away with a weird vintage lamp. This one is in harlequin colors that look terrific in my sort of bohemian bedroom. It works and has all its crystals. I paid $5 for it.
So that's what I got up to this past weekend. I don't know how many miles I walked in total. Someday I'll have to do the sale while wearing a pedometer and find out for sure. The legs certainly knew it had shopped for distance the next day, but with treasures like these, it felt all worthwhile.

Hope you all have a bountiful, joyous Memorial Day weekend.

Treasure Box Tuesday: Roses, Glasses and Goodies

It's been a crazy few weeks for me. I've had to put in many extra hours at work for projects, as well as taking care of cat with a respiratory infection (Harry's doing better, happily) and so many other things, would you believe I didn't realize how many weeks it had been since I posted? (?!)

I hear the brain is the first thing to go.

So the thrifted and fleamarket finds I'll show you today are a collection of a bunch of weeks put together. All the items have found their right spot in my house. This was a Victorian transferware bowl I found at the Goodwill in Irwin a while back. 

 I loved the colors-- perfect for the curio cabinet in my diningroom!

At the L&L Fleatique on Route 30, I got this marvelous Hull vase with a waterlily on it. I love the soft pastels and matte finish.
 This sits on top of the aforementioned curio, next to THIS transferware vase from Austria...
I got that at Junk for Joy in Jeannette, PA. Love it! It's quite tall, too, so it makes a nice statement.

At the Fleatique Too in Ligonier, my shopping buddy Scoobie spied these two Wizard of Oz drinking glasses...
I had gotten one from Junk for Joy a while back, of Dorothy, and these belong to one of three different sets put out by Swift Peanut Butter in the 50s and 60s. They look really cute in my kitchen and match the colors of my Fiestaware.

My favorite piece of the past few weeks has been this Roseville console bowl. It was a price I could actually afford because someone had glued a styrofoam flower frog in the center of it to hold their centerpieces...
I had an inkling that antique glue might not be too hard to get off there without damaging the bowl. And with some careful tugging, some very hot soaking water and a little Palmolive, the whole thing came out bit by bit. Suddenly a good buy had turned great!

Lastly, but probably less excitingly, I picked up a whole bunch of file folders and hanging folders in pinks, purples and aquas. This was from the Goodwill Outlet, where tons of them were just tossed in the bins.
So, that's it for today's Treasure Box. We have our neighborhood yard sale this weekend, so I hope to have some fun finds to share with you next week, too!

Happy hunting!