Thankful Thrifting

Once again it’s that time of year we turn our thoughts to the things for which we’re grateful. Because:

1.) In this hustle-bustle world, it’s so important to take stock of the meaningful things in our lives…


2.) We have a day off for it.

And while I try to be appreciative o’ the good stuff all year round, sorta as it comes in, there’s no better time than now to share my top ten reasons I’m thankful for thrifting…

Okay, here goes.

I’m thankful for thrifting because:

  1. I’m able to support worthy causes, shop and participate in the circle of recycling, all at the same time. (It’s good to multi-task.)
  2. Thrifting leads to the kinds of craft projects that keep me safely and merrily occupied. So I’m not, you know, off embarking on a life of crime. Or sucked into watching all five seasons of “24” straight through, without ever leaving the house.
  3. At thrift stores, the vintage look is always ‘in.’
  4. I get to experience quirky fellow thrifters, like Grouchy-Man-Who-Wears-All-Over-Denim. Or Incessantly-Humming-Goodwill-Cashier. Writers need to encounter unique personalities, and thrift shopping presents a wealth of them. I bet that’s how Wes Anderson got his start.
  5. If it weren’t for thrift stores, I would have had no clothes at all in high school; and I doubt it would have increased my popularity.
  6. I can satiate my vintage lamp addiction 100% guilt-free. (“It’s $6! It has to come home with me for $6! So what if there’s already enough light in the dining room to bring in small planes for landing? This one is $6!”)
  7. I get to snicker when guests ask me if something is a family heirloom.
  8. I can buy velvet all year round.
  9. How many other places can you shop with such serendipity?
  10. Otherwise, I would be sitting on the floor with my keyboard as I wrote this. (Thrift store desk and chair!)
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Talk to you next week.