Noteworthy Decorating with Vintage Sheet Music

It may not be music to everyone’s ears, but sheet music from the 1900-1920 era gets a reprise at my house as cheap and unique wall-decor.

Sheet music then was, of course, a vital part of an evening’s entertainment. But even when ol’ Wooster and his chums weren’t gathered around the piano for a jolly round of songs, the music books themselves were designed to be as attractive as they were functional. Often, smiling from the covers, were the the soft-hued faces of actors, actresses and musicians renowned at the time. Other times, sheet music showcased elaborate and colorful illustrations which ranged from the transporting and almost ethereal designs you see here to sturdy expressions of war-time patriotism.

Today vintage sheet music is available at flea markets and antique malls for just a few dollars each, and if you see a stack of it, it might just be worth a rummage for something in harmony with YOUR vintage style. Most pieces of loose sheet music will fit nicely in a standard 11X14 frame, with a little bit of border. But I’ve also managed to find a number of pieces of sheet music that were already in appropriate period-style frames.

Like this gal-- my first sheet music purchase-- already cut to fit a turn-of-the-century gilded frame. I liked in particular that vintage coral color, the composition, and the almost gothic quality to the lady in the photo.

This little number here I framed myself. It hangs in my office/guest room. It was a little bit smaller than the frame, so I put some Shabby Chic scrapbooking paper behind it.

This fun deco darlin’ was also already framed. And in case you were wondering, a “Will O’The Wisp” is apparently a giant disembodied head, sort of like the Great and Powerful Oz only with a bob haircut-- which came to spread roses and soap suds to people who did their laundry at a local fountain...

Okay, I dunno. Was worth a shot, anyway.

And, lastly, as we keep that sudsy theme going, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.”

I am. Really.

And if any of you have stopped by the About Your Hostess page on this site, you probably do recognize this little lady. But -- surprise!-- it’s not actually me. (Who am I kidding? My hair never looks that good)...

In small print on the front it says “Posed especially by Miss June Caprice, famous Albert Cappelani screen star.” A quick IMDB search indicates that Miss Caprice was a silent screen character actress, and in the 20s was used by the Coca-Cola Company as a calendar model. Dig those strategically-placed bubbles! (Now, I DO actually walk around with those, it’s very slimming. It’ll be all the rage in a year or so, you’ll see.)


Anyway-- I’ve had a lot of fun searching through stacks of music and uncovering a few favorites. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to put a little rhythm into a room, some well-chosen sheet music might just hit the right note-- and at a low cost-- for you, too.

And maybe I’ll see you next week-- when we lay the groundwork for one very thrifty Mission.. And see just who is up to accepting it!... (Insert mysterious music here.)


Janine said...

I love your idea of decorating with vintage sheet music. I just found a site that has the images on CD.
Thanks for your ideas!

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Thanks, Janine- Good to know, certainly!