New Ideas, Old Hat

Ms. A., over at, once asked if I’d write something on vintage hats. It was such a fine suggestion, and with hats such a part of the ol’ spring-Easter tradition, I was excited to tackle the topic...

Only I realized I didn’t have anything to SAY about vintage hats.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t USE them in my decorating. I do. In fact, in my thrifting and antiquing adventures, I pursue a good vintage hat like Audrey Hepburn on a bad hair day.

But, ya know, I try to be REALISTIC about these things. And you just can’t get 500 words out of: “I put them on a flat surface. I hang them on a knob.” See? That’s thirteen words there. And as far as originality goes, that wouldn’t even make copy for the classifieds.

You guys deserve better than that.

So it started me pondering on more creative techniques for actually using my hats-- in a non-head-gear-related way, of course. I sat down and really started thinking outside the hat-box. So to speak.

Now one way I HAVE used vintage hats in the past-- which you all have probably already seen by now-- was as a topper for my Shabby Chic-influenced Christmas Tree. That one was a Red, White & Blue acquisition and I think it only cost me a buck or two.

But again-- been there, done hat. So I admit, as I started brainstorming ideas, I MIGHT JUST have gotten little carried away...

How about a hat-based centerpiece?

Or taking my haughty French sculpture down a peg or two? (She hasn’t spoken to me since)...

How about as a whimsical shade for thrift store lamp?

A quick fix for a lack o’ wreath?

I started envisioning things like a decorative mobile made of colorful vintage hats!... Hats hanging from vintage scarves to create a window display!... Hats spanning a single dramatic feature wall!...


Once ya get your thinking cap on, there’s almost no end of possibilities.

And vintage hats are still fairly prevalent in thrift stores. So, whether you work them into an interesting vignette, use them in some strange and whimsical way, or even, yes, wear them, these bonnie li’l bonnets can top off your decorating inexpensively.

Hats off to that!