Tag: "You're It!"

I was "Tagged" recently-- and separately-- by Mandy, Rosemary and Anne so, to fulfill my end of the deal-- here are the Seven Weird Facts about me you might not otherwise know (I mean, really, why WOULD you?!):

  1. One time I sat next to Dave Matthews (in coach!) on an airline flight from New York, but initially I thought he was just some sort of madman. Why? Because when I sat down, he was playing with these green pipecleaners, pushing them into the carpet on the wall in front of us. Now this business trip had been one of the WORST of my life up until this point; it had been a tradeshow and just everything had gone wrong. Things I'd ordered hadn't shown up, things I'd shipped hadn't arrived... So it seemed only right I'd be sitting next to a crazy man on the way home, too. After he caught me raising an eyebrow at the pipecleaners, he looked embarrassed and confessed they weren't his, they were there stuck in the wall like that when he sat down; some kid before us had left them. And feeling a bit better about the situation, we talked a bit about New York, restaurants and travel and all was well. I started to think something was up, though, when people kept coming to ask him for autographs. And suddenly, it clicked that this wasn't your average pipecleaner-bender-guy-- Now, this was the blurry guy on my CDs! Nice fellow, too. I'm particularly glad he wasn't a nutter.
  2. Mayonnaise and I are not friends. If mayonnaise is accidentally on a food product of mine, it's pretty much contaminated.
  3. The most amazing trip I ever had was to the Tate Gallery in London, where I got to see Waterhouse's "Lady of Shallot" in person. And WOW, is it huge-- much bigger than you would think it is. Millais' "Ophelia" is also in that gallery. And I had such a hard time believing that these beautiful, important paintings were right there in front of me.
  4. I'm not particularly fond of circular staircases. It's not that I have a lot of phobias, but climbing the staircase of the lighthouse in Key West was not one of my favorite moments.
  5. I drew a weekly comic strip about anthropomorphic sheep, called "Shearadon and Woolworth" many moons ago in college. Both sheep wore red tennis shoes and one sported a Hawaiian shirt. You know: as sheep tend to. :-)
  6. I call my home "Waterhouse" after artist John William Waterhouse-- which wasn't quite so funny the first time I had plumbing problems
  7. I don't currently have any pets, but sometime I hope to have a yellow cocker spaniel. I think I will begin my pet ownership, though, with a Starter Cat. (Less maintenance for a first pet.)
Okay, with this I understand I'm supposed to tag seven other people. So don’t hate me too much for this guys, I’m just playin’ along. Here goes:


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