Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Lizzie of is a thoroughly modern girl. She blogs regularly about life on the road on her motorcycle-- and she also appreciates Victorian decorating and a good bargain.

How cool is that?

So I feel particularly honored to have been named among the five recipients of her “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” awards.

Then, to add to all the goodness of it, I was giving the very same award by Susie of, hostess of a popular eco-friendly blog. My gosh, I feel so appreciated!-- and to think I used to be one of the last folks picked for teams in gym class!

But don’t worry. I don’t have a long tedious acceptance speech written.

What I do have planned, however, is a little award distribution of my own. Here are the five creative ladies I’d like to pass the award along to:

Astrid over at Astrid’s had the guts to step forward and be the first to blog about turning trash into treasure in the Netherlands. She’s still feeling her way through it because her blog is fairly new, but has a lot of good ideas to share. If any of you t-to-t folks care to pop by her blog and offer her some comments of encouragement-- and show her she’s far from alone out there-- I’d really appreciate it. Not only is she blogging in uncharted area in her country, she’s writing it all beautifully in English-- which isn’t her native language. If that doesn’t qualify for a rockin’ girl blogger, I don’t know what does.

Now let’s zip over to Australia, to award Gauri of the That Dress is Divine! blog. Visit here for tips of smart, savvy shopping-- which is good advice in Sidney, as well as St. Louis-- in Sacks Fifth Avenue or the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Next? Sindhu of the Flower Girl Recipe blog. I’m nominating her because this girl manages to work while maintaining several very different blogs related to Southern India. It’s a lot of content and a lot of effort. And also every time I visit her recipe blog I get hungry.

And I’d also like to give the award to two ladies slightly closer to home.

Rosemary of Rose’s Petite Maison refreshes her content often with beautiful pictures of flea market finds, and decorating ideas. Also, she NAMED her dressmaker’s dummy, and gave her a homemade tiara and taffeta skirt. How can you not appreciate someone with that sense of humor?

Last but certainly not least, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, for interior decorating that looks breathlessly easy and yet you just know it couldn’t possibly have been.

Keep up the good work, and continued happy blogging to you all!

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