Celebrating the Truly Good Eggs: My Recipients of the Nice Matters Award

The Internet: it can be an anonymous world where folks have left their manners at home...

So when online debate can all too easily deteriorate into insult and injury, it becomes even more important for us to really THINK about what we say to each other and the way it comes off to others-- especially when people can’t see the good-humored twinkle in our eyes.

Trash-to-Treasure talent, Sher-- AKA “Grinnin’ Gramma” over at the OldTimeMeArtist blog-- has always displayed her great ideas and wit online so that the only thing distressed around HER is the furniture. That’s why it’s so meaningful to have had the “Nice Matters” award passed along to me by this lady.

And now-- now I have the pleasure to pass this award along to a few Internet friends that I think are truly deserving. To be honest, my path online has been touched by an amazing number of people who merit the award, so choosing was not easy. But here we go:

First, I have an unusual abundance of “Rose Mary’s” to share this with. How it is I know two incredibly kind “Rose Mary’s” who both blog about vintage things? I haven’t calculated the probabilities on that one, but it’s still pretty entertaining...

--Now Rosemary over at Rosespetitemaison is an adventurous crafter and flea marketer out in California. Through her blog, she makes everyone feel they’re a part of her community. She’s a good soul, and she’s been working herself hard preparing for her daughter’s wedding. So keeping her upbeat disposition during this serious stress totally earns her this award.

--RoseMary at LifeinaCordwoodCabin is a consistently caring individual who always purports herself online with class. She also knows a lot about a lot of different topics-- books, vintage items, history-- and manages to share that information in a way that’s informative and never condescending.

--CheapDiva, and Gigi of UndertheWillow have both proven their niceness in remarkable, tangible ways. CheapDiva actually sent a fellow CottageLiving forum member what she needed for taking digital pictures of her beautiful home. And Gigi unexpectedly treated another member who had been ill with a package of items to help her on her road to recovery. Just watching this occur showed me how thoughtful people can be.

--And Cookie at TheThriftShopper.com-- Cookie manages to juggle a lot-- a real job, learning to sew, planning and editing the National Thrifter Magazine-- and even when she doubts her abilities, she always gets through it with real style.

--Lastly, I’d like to send this to my friend Greg over at the MidnightGarden because outside the blogosphere Greg puts up with me-- which I appreciate muchly. And he has a great knack for looking at even the worst day with humor. (And no, Greg, I don’t expect you to do a feature on this on your blog... These are guilt-free awards, so no further tagging is required. You can relax. :-) )

So, many thanks the folks above for your “overall good-eggishness” (to quote fine ol’ PG Wodehouse) and for helping make the Internet a nicer place for everyone.

Oh, do you have a second?...

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