Field Trip!: Treasure Hunting in East Liverpool and Columbiana

Today, we’re going on a little field trip. Seatbelts fastened? Sunglasses on? Great! We’re ready to roll!

Oh, what’s that? One second, let me turn the music down...
Where are we going, you say? Why, we’re headed just an hour north-west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the home of American whiteware pottery and the birthplace of Homer Laughlin Company’s Fiestaware-- East Liverpool, Ohio.
It’s a lovely winding road along the way, with various residents of the four-legged kind...

But the real focus is our first stop-- Pottery City. It’s an antique mall with three floors of vendor booths!

We step inside, and immediately I find myself grateful to my readers who kindly encouraged me to make the pilgrimage here. Why it’s called "Pottery City" is totally clear-- for those of us who collect American whiteware porcelain, this place does not disappoint. And if you’re a collector of Fiesta, you might just find a treasure worth celebrating, too.

But there are so many other things to enjoy as well. Furniture, glassware, books... you name it.

I can’t resist this Carnival glass pitcher that matches some drinking tumblers I have...

A spelter lamp I plan to rewire and give a little love...
...And some unique votive holders in pink and lavender. Can you believe I'm escaping without actually buying any Victorian whiteware plates?...
No, me neither. There are some great things, but I have limited space and specific colors I’m working with. And anyway, it’s just as well, because we still have some more stops-- Good to pace ourselves!!
But first, a little lunch. A nice local cafe offers soup and sandwiches. I’ll have the French Onion soup and a grilled cheese. How about you?
At the end of the street we notice the Museum of Ceramics-- a tribute to the heritage of the pottery industry that arose during the Victorian era in this region and to a lesser extent, still exists today around East Liverpool, Ohio, West Virginia and Western, Pennsylvania.
I’d love for us to wander around, but maybe another day. We still have the drive to Columbiana, Ohio, a half hour north.
And what’s in Columbiana, you ask? Why, this:

In this place with a quaint, hometown feel, we’ll explore a number of antiques stores. Vivian’s proves to be a worthwhile stop. Sure, the first few rooms may appear to be standard gift shop fare, but as we head to the right and then toward the back, we find fun vintage and antique items mixed in among the gifts. Then as we step into the basement, we don’t mind the damp much as we realize there are goodies here as well. Like a lamp for $2.

Back upstairs and these Carnival glass goblets catch the eye. And at 4 of them for $8, this seems like a very good buy! Could you hold two of these while I juggle the lamp, this terrific turquoise whiteware plate I just spotted ($3!) and the other two goblets? Thanks! You’re a peach!

Let’s put these lovelies in the trunk, and head down the street, to the Columbiana Antiques Gallery. It’s a three floor antique mall, with vendors specializing in a wide range of items.

And THIS, this is where I find a bit of whiteware I can’t pass up. A turquoise advertising plate from GC Murphy’s five-and-dime of East Liverpool. Looks like it was George C. Murphy’s then!

We venture into one last antique store, but are becoming a bit weary. If we make the drive back to Pittsburgh via Beaver Falls, PA, we COULD stop off at the Antique Emporium in downtown Beaver Falls...
It’s a whole other three-floor antique mall! So I think this time we’ll just ride on by and save it for another day. It’s been a good day, and I hope you had as much fun as I did. For your convenience, I will include the addresses of the places we visited below.

Next week, we’ll talk about some inexpensive ways to accessorize a modern kitchen so it has a vintage feel!

Oh, and before we go, two things-- thanks so much to those who have entered the Nifty Thrifty Gifty Giveaway. I think I’ve confirmed receipt for anyone who’s entered... (And if you didn’t get a confirmation from me, let me know!).

And secondly, there’s still time for folks to participate all the way up to October 13. So if you didn’t get to read about it last week, then just click here!

Pottery City Galleries
409 Washington Street, East Liverpool, OH, (330) 385-6933

Columbiana Antiques Gallery
103 South Main Street, Columbiana, OH 44408 (330) 482-2240

24 S. Main Street, Columbiana, OH 44408-1361

Antique Emporium
818 7th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA (724) 847-1919