Flowers, Fun and... Feathers?

I found out this morning that I was the lucky winner of the caption contest over at the "Go! Smell the Flowers" blog-- I'm so excited! Apparently, I've won $50 worth of free flowers-- which means, I guess I will be my very own Valentine this year. (Ha-ha! -- sure beats taking myself to H&R Block to have my taxes done, like I usually do. :) )

Anyway, thanks very much to the Flower People for choosing my caption for their cute photo. (The title of this post will make sense, when you see the pic, trust me!) You can view that page by clicking here, if you like.

Now, I just have to go get the "Flower People" song from the movie "Spinal Tap" out of my head...

Anyway, that's my good news for today. Join me tomorrow when I share with you some of my Victorian postcard Valentine collection, and we marvel over the funny, sweet and interesting stories that can unfold on the back of a 3 1/2 by 5 card.


Le-Chat said...

Hmm... not really a surprise? You being a pro of the written word? But anyway, congrats!!!

GO! Smell the flowers said...

Well done indeed Thrifty,

The praise continues for your genius over at flowers - do letus know when the buds land as we like to keep tabs on quality n service!


GO! Smell the flowers

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Thanks, Jim and Emma. I will certainly let you know! (And take pics!)

SewDelish said...

Congratulations Thriftshopromantic. Well deserved. Your entry was very original! Thanks for the laugh.

Greg said...

Oh, congratulations! I can wait to see some lovely floral shots of all those pretty flowers!!!! (Macro focus on your digital and no flash if you can help it!)

Delightful caption. What could be better than that?


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Sewdelish-- thanks so much for popping by!

Greg-- I will indeed take your flower photography advice!; who knows how to make flowers mug for the camera better than you? :)