Treasure Box Wednesday: Cool Coasters, Covers and Carnival Glass

Oh, I was all over Tarnation this last weekend-- yep, Upper, Lower, and even Little Tarnation, I believe. And while not all of the items I'm going to show you today were thrifted, a few were. Best of all, even the antique mall goodies were had at an excellent price. How fun is that?

Well, the first of the antique mall finds, the coasters above, are from the 50s. The magnolia pattern on them, and the cheery aqua, lemon yellow and vintage pink just said to me "backyard barbeque." They remind me of the 50s pastel hotels you see on Miami Beach when the planes fly into Miami International Airport. Anyway, now I'm all set for having a very cheerful retro meal outside this summer. Wanna come? :)

Speaking of that retro meal, now I have salt and pepper shakers, to match my Hazel Atlas Moderntone Platonite set...

I've been looking for these for a while at a price I actually wanted to pay. I've seen two sets at a crazy $15 a pair, with rusted metal tops. These I found for $2.99 a piece-- MUCH more reasonable. And as you can see, they're in nifty condition!

At the Graham Antique Mall in Ligonier I found a set of six marigold colored Carnival glass dinner plates for $16...

It's not easy finding Carnival glass plates-- lots of bowls but no plates-- so I was pretty excited about this. At not quite $3 a piece, that seemed really good to me.

Hm... What have we next? Well, this hankie bag was certainly nothing to sneeze at. It came from the Jeannette Antique Mall in, er, Jeannette. (Well named.)

Oh, and I uncovered a chenille bedspread at the Salvation Army...

And lastly, speaking of the Army... well, okay the Armed Forces at least... I had a hit with two World War II pillow covers. One to good old mom,

That reads:

There's a dear little house inviting
In a dear little place I know.
And a welcome is always waiting
When to that little house I go.
For there lives the dearest lady
The sweetest I ever met.
And to-day, if I cannot visit
Dear Mother, I don't forget.
It's from Camp Lee, Virginia. The other is an airforce piece from Miami Beach, Florida and is dedicated to dear mother and dad.

The poem there reads:

Mother and Dad
You're the very best couple
That ever was paired.
Whatever was given
Alike you have shared.
Many more years
May your hearts be made glad.
And may your blessings be many
Dear Mother and Dad!

And with that sweet, sticky sentiment from the 1940s, that about puts to rest Treasure Box Wednesday for this week. Will you join me next time for the spring Cottage swap? I sure hope to see you again.

Enjoy that beautiful spring weather! The mossy phlox are ploxing here at my house. I hope beauty's in bloom for you, too.


Michelle said...

Wow! You found some great things. I've never seen carnival glass plates - those are too pretty!


Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I love the coasters and the salt and pepper shakers! The colors are great! You were smart to hold out for a good price on the shakers because it looks like you go much better condition for a lower price.

white o'morn cottage said...

Ohhh the chenille or as we call it here...the candlewick bedspread is yummy! I always think they make my bed look like a big cake! So...yummy!.cheers Pam

Amy said...

Cool finds! It's really hard to find retro chenille here but I DO like the carvinal glass :-)

Lidian said...

You found great things! I LOVE the salt and pepper shakers. And the handkerchief bag is a real gem -

Ginger M. said...

Wow these are really, really cool finds! I love the salt and pepper shakers.

Jillian said...

Cute and interesting blog! I'll have to bookmark you for future visits!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Michelle- Nice to know another carnival glass fan! I think these will be really nice in fall, with some amber and blue carnival styled pieces I have. It was a good deal, anyway.

Mandi- Isn't it good to hold out when you just don't want to pay a certain price? Sometimes it fails as a technique and you miss out on something good, but very rarely!

Pam-- Ah, I learned a new term!-- "Candlewick". Chenille is getting harder to find here because people have been using the old bedspreads to craft into things like teddy bears and mismatched quilts. So I felt pretty lucky with this one.

Amy- I wonder if they're using the chenille in New Zealand for crafting, then, too. Or else everyone is hoarding them :)

Lidian- Those hankie bags are really fun, arent't they? And another one of those items that we just don't have anymore.

Ginger- Thanks! And I'm glad you stopped by-- welcome!!

Jillian- Hey, thank you. I need to find some time and check out the new folks' sites. I've been running a bit crazy with work lately, and with trying to get my humor blog launched so it's not just me over there giggling to myself. :)

Kathy said...

I have never seen coasters like that before! I have been fascinated with chenille bedspreads since I was a kid! Just beautiful finds!

SSB said...

If this were a store site I think I could stay here forever. I love junkin'!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Kathy- Hey, thank you. Yes, the coasters were sort of a strange find. I imagine there's someone out there who has probably an entire collection of vintage coasters...

Shirley- Ah, your area is so close to so many good junkin' places, too. Do you ever go to East Liverpool, Ohio? Shouldn't be too, too far for you, I don't think...

SSB said...

No, but since I'm from Cleveland I've been to the antique district. Just thinking about it makes me want to drool! :)