Return Flight of the "Round Robin"

So this week, I bring to you the exciting conclusion of Spring Cottage Decor Swap 2008. Last week you folks got to see the outgoing package in our round robin event. And Friday I received an amazing package from my swap partner on the Cottage Living boards--- SusieQ. I thought it would be nice to showcase it here today.

What was particularly touching, I felt, was the amount of thought put into the history of the various items. Susie knew I was a vintage girl, and certainly put the package together accordingly.

If you'll recall from last week, the swap participants were to include something to enable old-timey correspondance (not email! haha), and some sort of textile.

I thought the ink bottle was a particularly clever way of meeting the "old fashioned correspondence" criteria. (Also it sort of takes the pressure off me to write by hand because I have really horrifyingly bad handwriting. I mean "bad" to the point that sometimes even I can't read it. )

Says Susie:
"The ink well is made by S.S. Strafford and is circa 1890's. It began as clear glass and changed to amethyst over time from the UV explosure. Some people call it 'sunware.' Apparently the manganese in the glass changes it from clear to amethyst when it is exposed to the sun over a long period of time."
It makes you wonder a bit just how many letters were written with the ink from this pretty little bottle, what sort of stories those letters told, and over what sunny location that desk had presided. (And I love that purple!)

Susie also included this lovely Royal Albert cake plate...

A gal after my own heart, Susie is up on the history of this, as well:
"The cake plate is of the American Beauty series from the Royal Albert China Company. I don't know too much about the company other than that they were formed in England around 1894. I believe the American Beauty series was produced between 1927 and 1977. In 2002, the company stopped production in England and moved it to another country. So the "Made In England" backstamp is more desireable."
I'm guessing, by the spatter style of the gold trim around the edge, this piece might have been made in the 50s. I have some other pieces of china with that style of trim from that period. It will be excellent with a couple of Royal Albert chintz teacups I'd gotten in the late 90s.

Anyone want to pop by for tea and cake? (grin!)

Susie also included some lovely fresh (and French!) yellow-green linens-- napkins and placemats. There are a ton of them here, which is excellent because I'm short a few from some of my other sets-- and mixing and matching the colors is just my style!

Lastly, the package included some fabulous smelling hand-made soaps, and a big ol' gorgeous dark chocolate bar. I have so far held back a whole 48 hours from totally mowing on the chocolate bar, but that probably won't last very long. Dark chocolate is a real favorite of mine.

So that about wraps up our round robin for Spring. Next week, I hope you'll join me as we take a look at the history behind some Edwardian postcards-- and examine a little bit about the actresses that appeared on these beautiful hand-colored photos. You'd be surprised how much information is out there on some of these ladies of stage and silent screen. (I know I was!) Sometimes a postcard is so much more than a postcard.

  • If you missed the tour of the spring garden this last Treasure Box Wednesday, you can find it here.
And I do hope you'll join me for this coming Treasure Box Wednesday, as we go gleeful over Depression glass refrigerator containers, vintage sheets, handpainted vases and more!


Amy said...

Love the plate and the glass bottle is divine :-)

Rosemary said...

Hi Jenn,
You had a great partner!!
Love the ink bottle!!
How well thought out, and interesting.
Have a great week,

Petticoat Posse said...

Ohhhh! I absolutely love round robins! This one was is very clever too.

Anonymous said...

That ink well is incredible. There's something about old glass that today's glass just doesn't have. It's so much more important looking.

Lidian said...

What a lovely Round Robin partner! That ink bottle is SO lovely...

I am very interested in Victorian actresses/theatre so am looking forward to your postcards.

I just wrote about a minor Victorian actress who caused a ruckus in Brooklyn over on my other blog -

Debbie said...

Hi Jenn....what a nice potpourri of gifts your swap partner sent you...I love the plate! As always, I enjoyed reading your blog.


shabby chic said...

Hi love your blog and all the pictures & treasures x

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Amy and Rosemary- It looks like the bottle is a fav of a few of us. And yep, Rosemary, I love it when folks put such consideration behind the items they choose. It makes everything so special.

Petticoat Posse-- love your screen name, very cute! This was my first official Round Robin-- normally we do straight swaps.

Geenah- yep, the old glass must have taken years in the sun to get that color. Gotta love the character.

Lidian- I'm off to check out your post. You always put a lot of thought into the posts you do.

Debbie- heh, yes the plate does pretty much look like your CozyCottage blog, doesn't it? I love that look, too.

Shabby Chic- thanks for stopping to visit! Glad to have you here.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Jenn, I just know anything from SusieQ is going to be special because she's so special. Love all the things. ~ Lynn

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Oh, Lynn, I didn't realize you knew SusieQ, too-- How cool that is! Yes, she's a truly thoughtful gal. Hope you're doing well, yourself.

SSB said...

I have something to show you...

Excellent post! And great job linking to your Squidoo lens. Looking forward to seeing more!
Squidoo's Community Organizer