Treasure Box Wednesday: Online Treasures

Today, I thought we'd do a different kind of sharing today. We'd take a break from thrifted goodies, and instead I'd mention a few online bloggy folks doing some interesting things with romantic decorating, original vintage-influenced crafts, and food. Now, these are in no particular order. But I think each is a treasure in its own way!

Of Bluebirds and Roses
As soft as a cashmere sweater and as sweet as that cotton candy stuck to your upper lip, Of Bluebirds and Roses is a blog where you see the world through hazy pink lenses. Vintage ephemera, vignettes, and holiday decor, this site takes the pastels and whites of Shabby Chic and sets an outstanding example of the uber-feminine style.

Oak Rise Cottage
Vintage, practical, and with a flair for the sentimental, Carrie puts thought and an eye for thrifty collecting together along with discussions on literature, holidays and more.

Kitchen Retro
If you enjoy the occasional kooky retro cookbook and decorating humor posts here on the Thrift Shop Romantic, you'll love Lidian's Kitchen Retro blog. There, every day is a look into the witty, the surprising and our gelatine-obsessed past.

Rose's Petite Maison
All that glitters is, well... probably what Rosemary's up to her elbows in about now. Her papercrafts include a combination of vintage items, glitter and a romantic theme, creating unusual pieces of art for all occasions. Check out her latest craft projects, her day trips, and her flea marketing adventures. Plus, she's just a really nice lady.

White o'Morn Cottage
Fly across to the Emerald Isle as blogger Pam shows us vintage decorating and photography from her home of Ireland. Learn a little about the local culture, and see vintage decor from a new perspective.

Cooking with Anne
And to tempt your tastebuds with some culinary treats, don't forget to stop by Anne's1 I mean, if you have an old Pyrex casserole dish that needs using, Anne can show you how to make just the right casserole for it! That and cakes, pies, breakfasts, snacks... pardon me, there's a little drool on the keyboard. Let me just get that.

Steampowered Rings
A cool twist on the Victorian-influenced Steampunk trend can be found in Catherinette's jewelry blog. It's an unusual combination of vintage clock gears, Victorian beading and an industrial/technological feel to create these clever pieces. I have one of her rings, which is surprisingly comfortable for its striking shape.

Well, I think that's enough for this Treasure Box Wednesday-- don't want to keep you folks too glued to your computer as this Fourth of July holiday approaches!

Otherwise, I'll see you next on Monday of this coming week-- I myself have guests coming this holiday, so I won't have time to post until then.

Thanks muchly for visiting, folks! And for my U.S. readers, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!


Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Thanks for the links :) I'll take a little time to check 'em out.

cindy said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I have not seen some of those!

chyna said...

Pam is the best!

Jenn Thorson said...

Tommy- You're welcome.

Cindy- There are so many clever folks out there. I should probably do this sort of thing more often and honor more bloggers.

Chyna- Isn't she? :)

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing these with the rest of us. I will have so much fun looking at each one of them. I love to follow links.....time consuming, but quite the adventure. New surprises around every corner!!