Field Trip! The Fruits of Outlet Shopping at Grove City Outlets

Off a stretch of 79, North of Pittsburgh, where the spring air still holds a winter chill and humans share space with livestock, there is settled a center of discount shopping possibility. What golden nugget of commerce requires is a little time and a good pair of walking shoes. But what it offers is fun and the chance a savvy shopper can get some decent bargains.

You'll see it here...

Oops! No, wait, not there. Here, right across the street...

Yep, now you've found the Grove City Premium Outlets, and that's where my friend Scoobie and I went treasure hunting last weekend!

Now, if you've never been outlet shopping before, I have some advice for you. When outlet shopping, I recommend the following tips:

  • If you can, park somewhere central enough that you can return packages to the car. Don't do like I did once and buy something large, and have to carry it half a mile back to your vehicle. Trust me-- your arms and back will thank you for it!
  • Wear shoes you know are comfortable; this is not the time to break in that cute pair of new heels. You lose points for your stylishness if you're bloody and limping.
  • Make sure you eat. Smart shoppers are not hungry, cranky shoppers. Plus, it will help you avoid buying everything the chocolate shops have to offer. Restraint comes with a full stomach.
  • Know what you're looking for and what you're willing to pay. Like thrift stores, prices at outlet malls are not always bargains. So it's really important to know what the prices are on the things you're interesting in buying. Some outlet stores offer some real sales, but others are just branches of regular mall stores at regular mall store prices. It's important to know what's what to really enjoy savings.
My friend Scoobie found herself a good price on a griddle. She'd been comparing prices for months now and the Corelle Outlet had a quality Revereware griddle for a price she wanted to pay.

Me, I was looking for some new jeans. So, I got the chance to shop at the White House/Black Market store and snag myself some formerly $90 jeans for $20. I love the style of the clothes there-- very vintage-inspired-- so this was a real treat for me.

I also netted myself a couple of paua shell necklaces from the New York & Company outlet....

Their prices were comparable to what you pay in the stores on-sale, but I was happy with the purchases because I hadn't spied these particular pieces directly in their stores.

And you know what I was saying about making sure you eat? After a couple of rows of shopping, Scoobie and I took an intermission at a nearby Pub/Restaurant, the Elephant & Castle.
They have everything from sandwiches to salads to traditional British pub dishes. I had a burger with a Guinness Barbecue sauce on it... YUM!

And my friend Scoobie, well, she found her leftovers required a doggie, er, rather an elephant bag...
There was dessert in there and Scoobie loves sweets; I kinda have a suspicion she didn't share with the elephant at all.

But if pub food isn't your favorite, the outlet mall also offers a food court, and nearby off-outlet restaurants like Eat & Park, Primanti Brothers, and Wendy's.

So for a fun day out foraging for bargains, you can have your pick of purchase potential at the Grove City outlets.

Have a great week, folks!


Shieldmaiden96 said...

I have a neighbor who is originally from Grove City and every year on Black Friday, they arrive at that mall at something like 3am, wait in line with other people for it to open, then do all their Christmas shopping at once. I'm more of a 5k shopper; this sounds to me like a marathon. I think its because I have bad flashbacks of my great aunt dragging me all over King of Prussia mall (which should really have its own local government--its huge). That woman could SHOP. `
Love those necklaces, by the way.

meleah rebeccah said...

I *heart* White House/Black Market!

Nancy said...

Great finds. Isn't this almost to the PA/Ohio border?

aimee said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful outing - good company, good shopping and good eats! It's all good.

Glad to see your post again - hope you are doing okay!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog post! very informative. I have been to Grove City Outlets many times however, your blog has inspired me to go once again!!! Love your blog!