Snickers and Surprises

Before we get talking about my most recent thrifty find, I wanted to direct your attention to a post my fellow cat-lover readers might enjoy... a little tale (or tail?) on my humor blog Of Cabbages and Kings called, um, "UnderWHERE?!" You can access that here if you need a little Friday chuckle.

Okay, now on to business! I've largely just been either prepping my humorous space fantasy for printing, or have been writing on the second book in the series. Admittedly, the tasks mean I'm spending less money, but it also means I spend most of the weekend with my laptop.

However, I did enjoy a trip to Jeannette, PA recently, and at Junk for Joy, I picked up this nifty little Atkinson Fox art deco print, featuring one of his "Enchanted Girls."

The frame was a bit dusty, so I'd removed the print only to tidy it up a bit. And I thought it was interesting what the backing was... An old cigar ad!
Judging by the style of the lettering, and the pricing of the box of 10 cigars, I'd say the ad was pretty close to the same age as the print.

As I always say, when searching for secondhand treasure, you just really never do know what you're going to find.

I hope you all find yourselves having a terrific weekend!


Theresa H Hall said...

Jenn! I have this same pic with one girl lying down looking up and the other young girl bent over speaking to her. If you want me to send you a pic of it give me a shout on my wall.

marshamellow said...

Just stumbled on your blog and site. Love it Jenn! Being from Pittsburgh myself I can relate to the places you mention. Just starting to decorate my home "cottage romantic" style and you are an inspiration. Thanks!

Roy D. Slater said...

That cigar ad is great. I love the vintage look, it'd look nice hanging up in my den. Thanks for all of the tips on vintage decor. My wife loves your style, you find some great things.

baili said...

wonderful work can hold the eye for long