Treasure Box Wednesday: Gifting Goodies and Goodwill to Men (and Women!)

The thrift store and a New Jersey antique mall helped me start the gifting season right this year, and I thought I would share a few of those items with you today.

It all began with this Gone With the Wind plate I found at a Pittsburgh Goodwill a few weeks ago. It's for this nice lady I know who adores the film and has been collecting Gone with the Wind items like dolls and figurines. I thought the plate would be perfect.

Little did I expect that when I went antiquing over Thanksgiving back home in New Jersey with my friend Josette that we would stumble upon this second Gone With the Wind plate featuring Scarlett O'Hara in her green drapery dress. (Apologies to Mr. Gable for that light reflection on his face. We're not as advanced an operation here at The Thrift Shop Romantic as 1930s Hollywood was, I'm afraid. :)

Then, would you believe it, when we popped into yet another antique mall, Josette happened to spy this plate featuring Gone With the Wind's Melanie. They're all from the same series.

So it looks like the Belles will be ringing out this holiday season. Southern Belles, that is.

Lastly, another family friend is passionate about woodworking, and the one thing he jokes about receiving every Christmas is, "No tools?" He loves older tools with character-- wooden handles and made by manufacturers like Yankee or Craftsman/Sears. Well, he is going to be one happy man with these two beauties I picked up at the same mall I got one of the plates!...

He may just cuddle the drill all holiday long and tuck it beside his pillow like a Red Ryder BB Gun. You never know.

So that's the Treasure Box for this week. Do any of you choose resale items for your gift giving? I'd love to hear about it.


Jaffer said...

Aw I love that screwdriver and hand-drill they are beautiful !

I shall leave judging the plates to the rest of you

dawt said...

Great finds! My family has never had any qualms about gifting thrifted goodies, jewelry, tools, craft fodder, and any type collectible imaginable, you name it, we've given it.

meleah rebeccah said...

"and a New Jersey antique mall "

Wait...what? You live in NJ? And if so, how did I NOT know that?

And if not, the next time you are in NJ, give me a holla, maybe we can hook up for lunch?

Eva said...

those plates are so pretty!! so much detail in them. nice find

Joanna said...

What great finds! Enjoyed finding your blog today. Love the title. I also love thrift stores and vintage treasures! I recently began blogging about my thrift store finds.