Treasure Box Wednesday: Queenly Treasures at the Regent Square Neighborhood Yardsale

I do believe I have the weather to thank. Because this past Saturday was the first one in many years I can think of where the day of the Regent Square Neighborhood yard sale had no threat of rain.

As a result, everyone thinking about selling their unneeded items, and making a few bucks, DID. And everyone looking for goodies-- and there were a ton of us-- were walking around the sun-dappled streets carrying armfuls of treasures.

Seriously-- every person I saw walking down the street appeared to be carrying bags of purchases. And I find it amazing because I, too, found so many good things at great prices it seems impossible there was enough to go around.

One of my favorite items was this ten inch tall McCoy butterfly pattern vase. I had seen it in my McCoy book a while back and I loved the shape. It was one I definitely thought if I ran across, I would be interested in having. And there it was, unpriced, on a long table.
 I enquired, imagining it would be at least $20, considering its size and great shape. And do you know what the response was?

"Oh... a dollar."

ACK! I had my money out in a flash.

At another house, I found this (somewhat blurry, sorry) pink swan McCoy vase. It was at a somewhat pricier (snicker) $3.
 And at yet another stop, I got this cute USA pottery wallpocket for $3, as well.

I got two stained glass heart suncatchers I want to use in my kitchen windows... Here's the purple one...
 And the red, blue and purple...
 I snagged this tapestry of the Tower of London for $3, too. I think it might make a nice pillow.
 I nabbed this Victorian transferware bowl with nymphs on it in a far corner of the sale area. They actually seemed surprised I even wanted it...
 I got this pretty vintage floral tablecloth for $1, and aside from being wrinkled, it's in great condition...

 This vintage teacup with gold leafing was fifty cents. It was the lady's grandmother's, she said.
 And I couldn't go to a sale like this without coming away with a weird vintage lamp. This one is in harlequin colors that look terrific in my sort of bohemian bedroom. It works and has all its crystals. I paid $5 for it.
So that's what I got up to this past weekend. I don't know how many miles I walked in total. Someday I'll have to do the sale while wearing a pedometer and find out for sure. The legs certainly knew it had shopped for distance the next day, but with treasures like these, it felt all worthwhile.

Hope you all have a bountiful, joyous Memorial Day weekend.


Peggy said...

Color me jealous! Especially because of the Hull wallpocket. I have had one like this for many years, but I can guarantee you that it wasn't priced as low as $3 when I found it.

I wish I could shop in your area. In our area in SC, everyone thinks they have "antiques" (no matter the item's condition) and they price their "stuff" accordingly. You always have such great finds!

Della said...

Oh my good gosh, that teacup, what a find. As well as everything else they were practically giving away that day. Great purchases.

Andrea said...

It always amazes how are tastes are so similar! Another lamp in Bohemian colors with prisms. How cool! Awesome prices too! I had a sale with my mother lately and I was selling things for a quarter to $1.00 and although there were a lot of antique dishes and other more valuable items, I just wanted to get rid of them. So, I understand why people charge so little and the shopper gets the great bargains. Makes me want to go to some sales myself! (:

Andrea said...

Great buys and I am always amazed how similar our tastes are. I sold things at my Mom's rummage sale a couple of weeks ago, just to make her sale bigger to attract customers. I sold antique dishes for a quarter up to $1.00 and although I knew that they were worth more, I just wanted to get rid of them and not have to box them back up and take them home. The shoppers had the advantage and I got rid of things too. After looking at your finds, I want to go to some sales!!!

Kiekies said...

I am actually so surprised that you are able to find these items at such fantastic prices.

Here in South Africa we don’t even see stuff like that and when we do its very expensive! Especially the fabric! I am bringing an extra suitcase on my next US visit!

meleah rebeccah said...

You find the MOST amazing things! Have a great holiday weekend!

Idee Fixe ( said...

I'm so jealous of your McCoy vase finds, lovely shapes and what deals! I'm always amazed at the quality and pricing of items in different parts of the country. Up here in NY, its pretty much tapped out and cost prohibitive. I have a question since you seem to have a lot of knowledge in this dept... I have a transfer wear bowl similar to yours. Same colours, gold edging, & the transfer is a flower pattern. Found it with my FIL's things when he passed away and I never bothered to find out more about it, but thought it was lovely and kept it. Are they Victorian? Mine is marked "Bavaria" and has "P. M." and a little marking with a crown. Any idea? Thanks! Suzanne

Julie said...

How cow! What great finds! I'm jealous.

I'm one of your newest followers, and I just love your blog.

Have a great weekend.

Nelly said...

Found your blog while googling an dam loving all the things you find makes me want to get in a plane and get over there too lol

Jenn Thorson said...

Peggy- We have places like that here, too. I just end up not going back to them often. It's disappointing.

Della- Thank you. The price on the teacup was certainly the tipping point for me!

Andrea- Sure, when you just want to purge yourself of the stuff, you kind of have to have tempting prices. It makes a huge difference.

Kiekies- I'm sure in South Africa, though, you have other things that would be fascinating to someone who was visiting.

Meleah- Thanks for visiting! (As always!)

Suzanne- It may be Victorian. There were a lot of transferware pieces like you describe made in both Austria and the US around the early 1900s.

Julie- Hi and welcome! Glad you found the blog!

Nelly- Heh, I feel the same way when I'm watching Antiques Roadshow. :) The thrill of the hunt!

Eileen said...

Wow. I never find bargains like this! I believe your wallpocket is Hull Sunglow pattern. I love the McCoy Swan vase. Lucky you!