The "You Make Me Smile" Awards

Bisque cherubs in rakishly-tipped hats make me smile...

And so did receiving the totally-out-of-the-blue “You Make Me Smile” award from Carrie over at the Oak Rise Cottage blog. (Click here to visit her site.)

So in all the silliness of my other post-- the Horrors of Home Cooking-- I thought it would be fun to share with you a few sites that have made me laugh over the years. I don’t list these all in my Resources section, because really, they’re more general humor or just pleasant places to visit than related to inexpensive decorating. But I thought you might get a laugh as well.
First, to keep up with the theme of my other post today, I’d wanted to introduce you to James Lileks’ two mini sites--
The Gallery of Regrettable Food was what inspired today’s post. His recipe for 50s cookbook-related humor involves a few cups dry wit and a dash of the disgusting. Click here to visit.
His Interior Desecrations site takes a similarly sarcastic look at the worst in past interior design. Click here to see why a return to the 70s strikes fear in the hearts of some.
Stitchy McYarnpants tackles bad knitting and crochet patterns of the last few decades. Click here for Stitchy.
And Threadbared, while unfortunately no longer adding new materials, examines sewing patterns and why it’s probably a good idea some of these styles have been lost to the sands of time. Click here.
Two blogs I haven’t talked about before that have made me laugh are:
Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place- Mrs. Nesbitt combines great photography and witty photo caption contests in her UK-based blog. Watch as she captures cows, geese and her beloved dog Wilma in silly and surprising poses. Click here to stop by and see Mrs. Nesbitt and Wilma.
And Miss Doxie- You don’t have to be a fan of dachshunds to get a laugh from the antics of Miss Doxie. As a young, female lawyer she tries to retain her professional image, while maniacally combatting things like skirts that split down the back, traffic cops, and balancing the needs of several willful dachshunds including Bo, who is definitely doggie high-maintenance. (Language here can be colorful sometimes, so warning in advance for those bothered by that sort of thing. I’d give it about a PG-13 if that helps.) Click here to visit her site.
Oh, and before I go-- did you get a chance to read The Horrors of Home Cooking post yet? Click here for a helping of that.