You Gotta Have Heart: Impromptu Valentine's Decor

Vanished! Gone was the garland and angels and bright bejeweled fruit... The Shiny Brites and Santas and the horns that go toot.... Away went the hozwanglers and the zangdoodles, and the tootonkas and trees--

(I'd no idea how many hozwanglers and zangdoodles I'd picked up at the thrifts this year. Took me forever to put 'em away.)

And as I looked out on my hollow halls, my empty mantle, my wistful walls, where once there had been happy shiny Christmas decor, well...I'm afraid my own heart felt two sizes too small.


Okay, for, like, FIVE SECONDS. Until I put that heart into some serious Valentine's Day decorating!

It started with a fake potted rose or two I'd put away before the holidays.

Then some little rose topiaries. And this nifty little 1950s Valentine's girl planter I got from the Good Samaritan Thrift Store back in August.

And then some, er... more...velvet roses. (Apparently, I pick up velvet roses the way some people pick up extra packs of toilet tissue.)

I added a flock of white thrifted cherub vases... (Cherubs come in flocks, you know.)

And cards, cards, cards! These vintage Valentine's cards were a set I'd bought back in July at the Pottery City Antique Mall in East Liverpool, Ohio. There was a ton of them, all for about $4. I'm glad I'd thought ahead.

What I like about them in particular is they appear to be all of the cards collected for different members of one family.

We have the husband...

The wife...


And Mother...

For the table setting, I broke out my pink glass dishes, and made a minor investment from Target for the beaded heart-shaped placemats. The candlesticks, candles and the previously mentioned cherub vases all were things I'd already had, purchased over time through thrift stores.

And just to get truly carried away with the spirit of things, I changed the shade on my vintage cherub lamp to a red rose embossed one I'd gotten for $1 from the U.F.O. in Greensburg.

Now I enter the dining room, and there's really no chance for the post-Christmas blahs to take hold. And it's another sunny day in Whoville!

Anyone else do any decorating for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear about it.


RecycleCindy said...

Had to come over to see your new post. I love the vintage cards and other decorations you displayed. I wrote a review on SU for this outstanding post.

Devonia said...

What a way to get over the after Christmas decor let-down! Literally gives off with the old and on with the new NEW meaning! Gorgeous and inspiring. I better get busy....

Rosemary said...

So glad Cindy Lou Who will be happy now.
I am getting ready to decorate for Valentine's Day. I got some new/old Victorian Valentine's yesterday, and a couple more today at the Rose Bowl.
As soon as I decorate I will post it on my blog.
I did post the cards from yesterday.
Loved your decorations Jenn.
Have a great week!

vintage sue said...

I'm not a big fan of holiday decorating, but wanted to let you know I TOTALLY appreciate the Seuss references. You rock!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Cindy- Gosh, thanks a bunch! I've seen you on SU myself and have thumbsed-up (is that a word?) your clever bag posts. I just don't know how you do it; if I made something out of plastic bags it would LOOK like it was made out of plastic bags!

Devonia- thanks so much for stopping by, and the note. I know I'm forcing Valentine's Day a bit early, but all that color is just good for the soul! :) I want to make sure I pop by and see your site. I saw the word "shabby" in your logo-- can't resist!

Ah Rosemary, so you love the Victorian Valentine's, too-- I should have known. I think closer to V-day I'll do a post and share some from my collection. The Victorians sure did know how to design cards, didn't they? You have a great week, too!!

VintageSue- I totally respect folks not enjoying holiday decor. I was that way myself until I started finding interesting old holiday decorations... and now it's just snowballed. And I'm so glad folks got the Seuss reference... makes it totally worth sneaking in there. :)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I love Valentine's Day, and have s-l-o-w-l-y begun decorating for it! Your decor looks great! :)

Debbie said...

Hey Jenn....I love love love your Valentine decor! I was just glad to finally get the Christmas stuff out of the house this year...had to leave it up til Jan7th so the last of the kids could open presents with us. I started making some Valentine's decorations but then I got sidetracked on something new I'm making for my can read about it on my blog if you want. Anyway, thanks for sharing your Valentines decorations with looks simply mahvelous dahling!!!


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Becca- thanks a bunch, and I can't wait to see what you do for Valentine's Day if it's even half as inspiring as your Christmas displays.

And Debbie- I'd seen the other day you were planning something mysterious, but I guess it hadn't launched yet-- will have to check it out.

Le-Chat said...

You just can't live without an overload of decorations, can you, Jenn? :D
I just made some Valentine's coasters. Sort of:


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Astrid-- ha--no, I really can't. I get all queasy and lightheaded from having too much oxygen around me instead of "stuff." :) It's, er, for my health, you see!

Kathryn said...

Love the vintage style of all the decor. So romantic and pretty. The way Valentine's Day should be.

Rose Mary said...

Jenn, your house is looking very Valentine-esque! (I know that's probably not a word!). I love those old cards you have~they are always so fun to find. I am trying to get inspired for Valentine decorating, but it hasn't happened yet. I'll just keep looking at your for inspiration!

Retromodgirl said...

You are a decorating genius! I adore the cards, especially the one that says "Valentine's Greetings to My Sweetheart" with its sweeping art deco pink lady. The cards really set off your Victorian-style mantle. And that 50s little girl planter is so cute!

I also love the heart-shaped place mats (I'm off to Target this week now!)and your gorgeous table setting!!! And that red lamp shade is brilliant. $1? Really? That is the perfect finishing touch.

I never really thought of decorating for Valentine's Day like you would for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but now I will! Thank you for the inspiration!

Bartender~Mel said...

My Grandmother had 2 of those lamps, they are supposed to have the tear drop jewels hanging from them, I still have 1 of the jewels that I took off of it about 30 years ago when she passed away..they are very lovely aren't they! I had hoped to recieve hers however, they were sold in the settlement, thank you so much for sharing that!