Three States, Two Antique Malls, One Big Day

Road trip! Hop in the car with my friend Scoobie and me, and buckle-up, because today we're going on an antiquing adventure. I've never taken you all out to New Philadelphia, Ohio before. So there's no time better than today!

We'll head through three states on this journey. Which sounds like a much bigger deal than it is, to be honest. We'll set out from our home base in Western Pennsylvania, go straight through West Virginia (which, given the part we're going through, takes all of five minutes), and zoom clear into Ohio.

This is the nifty bridge we have to go over to get to Ohio, from West Virginia.

And don't worry, I wasn't trying to take photos while driving here. All of these fun ambiance shots are courtesy of Scoobie, riding shotgun. A true friend is someone who's willing to put up with taking pictures for your blog! Thanks, Scoobie- you're a gem.

By the way, Scoobie also expresses her regrets she wasn't able t0 get a local color shot of buzzards, enjoying some roadkill along the highway, but I said I thought you all would probably be all right for having missed that.

Here we are, making the turn for Dennison, along Route 250 West, which will be our first stop.

And no, we're not stopping at Coal Museum, the Clark Gable museum, or even the lawn ornament place with the giant stone dogs out front...

We're stopping up here...

The Route 250 Antique Mall! I'd come across this place on accident on my very first trip to New Philadelphia. And of course, I'd HAD to stop. Inside there are a wide array of vendors, with some very reasonable prices on many things. I'm not sure if we're allowed to photograph inside, but I snuck off a shot or two.

For my trash-to-treasure friends, I think of YOU all when we spot these t-to-t bedframe benches.

And me, I come up with some more of my Hazel Atlas Moderntone dinnerware. At $1 and $2 a plate, I am one HAPPY girl!

I also find an excellent handpainted World War II hankie bag-- though the tag indicates the vendor thinks it's some kind of purse.

With the Route 250 Antique Mall scoured, now we head off here...

There used to be three of these Riverfront Antique Malls-- one in Beaver Falls, PA, and one in-- I believe-- North Carolina, but the other two have closed. This is the last of the last. But it still seems to be busy.

And what do we find here? Well, Scoobie cleans up on some of her beloved Avon Ruby Glass pieces (I believe you all were with us before when she triumphed with her Avon Gravyboat discovery. This coup was similar.)

And me, I found some more sheep planters, just in time for Easter... (Dig that sheep in overalls! How funny is that?)

I also find a couple of vintage cookbooks.

After being pretty much all antiqued out, we leave the Riverfront Antique Mall decide to stop for an elegant early supper at La Maison de Pain Italianne...

Ah, yes, when you travel with The Thrift Shop Romantic, it's first class all the way!

And no, don't even ask how this popped into my head. :) Too much sugar, maybe.

Have a terrific Easter for those who celebrate, and for those who don't, I hope Spring is treating you well!


Lidian said...

Happy Easter to you too, from Canada (where there is still old snow hanging around).

Those cookbooks look SO great, I am drooling very slightly over them (avoiding the laptop as I do so!)

The_Mrs said...


I don't know why I haven't found you until now... but I love your blog.

I am an antique collector of sorts.. I collect dolls from the late 1800's on.

I have a few pieces of furniture, a hoosier cabinet, two old sewing machine cabinets, two wardrobes and a couple of dressers.. but would like to collect SO much more.

I WILL be back!! :)

Rosemary said...

Hi Jenn,
Happy Easter!
Loved the road trip. Wish I could have been there. It's so amazing to me that you can go through other states so quickly. Here in California it takes forever to get to another state. Love the lambs.
Hope you had a very fancy dinner.
The peeps were so cute!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful week.
It's in the 80's here today.

Debbie said...

Hi Jenn.....Happy Easter! I so enjoyed the road trip with you and Scoobie....hope you'll take us along with you again soon!


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Lidian- I absolutely thought about you when I was going through the cookbooks-- there were a LOT of them. Some have such great artwork or quaint tips in them.

The Mrs.- Thanks so much for stopping by the blogs. I will pop by yours again today. I believe you're the first antique doll collector we've had comment on here! I can see how easily you could get hooked there.

Rosemary- Heya! Here's hoping the Easter bunny treated you well. :)

Debbie- Hi! How are the new projects going? We've missed you on the BC Home and Garden boards. Thanks for the Easter note. I hope you had a great holiday!

Greg said...

Someday, aliens will land here, find those giant stone dogs and assume they are the dominant species on the planet.

If they catch up with our Emily Grace, they'll *never* believe it's not true.

Looks like a great day--kudos to Scoobie for the great pics!

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

That looked like an excellent road trip! So fun! Next time you should make sure to take time to stop and pet the stone dogs.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for taking me shopping with you. I love shopping in Ohio and have not been there for quite some time. What a nice treat. Have you ever been to the Springfield Extravaganza?its a big fun one!!

Kelley said...

What a great road trip!! I was swooning at your 3 state adventure in envy and then I realized - hey, that's one of my one treks! Great pix of the bridge - we do have the best bridges in West PA, and lets's add South E, OH, huh? I've not been to that Riverfront but now am itching for a joy ride. I've worn out the carpet at the ELiverpool mall. It's not even 8am and your post made me plot a trip to some thrift stores later!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Greg- I wish I had a shot of the other side of that Stone Dog yard... there are TONS of other stone things... it's very surreal. Emily Grace would not know what to do with herself.

Mandi- Heh, I bet people DO do that, actually. Can't ya just see the people inside the house-- "Look, Everett, the tourists are petting the stone dogs again..."

Stacey- So glad to HAVE you join us on the roadtrip! You were a wonderful travel companion. :) I haven't been to the Springfield extravaganza, no. I'll have to look that one up.

Kelly- So cool you've done the trek, too. Yes, the East Liverpool mall is a fav of mine as well. It's a slightly shorter drive for me, so I tend to go that route more often. I think there's a post somewhere in the archives about one of those trips. Probably from around July 4.

Thanks, everyone, for visiting!

Michelle said...

What a fun trip! You got some great favorite is the lamb in the overalls..too sweet!


Sabii Wabii said...

Your blog title was just to good to pass it!
I wish you were closer to shop for me. I have a swap I need some stuff for and just having a difficult time with it! Looks like you have some great finds.

Vallen said...

I am really bad at geography but I do believe that you must have been close to my friend averymarydesign. She lives in Ohio just a bridge across from WVirginia. She knows some good collecting places, too.I really must go out for a visit. Lots of cool stuff.