Treasure Box Wednesday: Cheap Chicks Choose China

I have a bit of a mixed bag to show you this Treasure Box Wednesday. Not a lot, but some nice finds nonetheless. We'll start off with the turquoise retro mugs and bowls here. These were Salvation Army Superstore finds, and I got all eight pieces-- four bowls and four mugs-- for $3.99. I believe these are either Hazel Atlas Moderntone pieces, or ones from that general time period.

I also uncovered another art pottery vase. I love how the handles on each side are intentionally different lengths. This should be excellent grouped with the McCoy and other vases I'd gotten my grubby mitts on a few weeks ago. I love these simply because they're just good design.

This pretty handkerchief was $0.99. Which is on my high end for what I like to pay for hankies (I love to get them for about $0.25-$0.49) but the vibrant, detailed peonies were too nice to pass up.

This figurine was one I picked up a few weeks ago, and I wasn't sure if I showed her to you or not. Her name is "Melanie"-- and, no, I didn't name her. Her name is written on the bottom. And she's made by Florence Ceramics of California.

The Garage Sale and Flea Market Annual (which has become a bit like my thrifting Bible) has this to say about the company:

During the forties, Florence Ward began modeling tiny ceramic children as a hobby at her home in Pasedena, California. She was so happy with the results that she expanded, hired decorators, and move into a larger building where, for two decades, she provided the lovely line of figurines, wall plaques, busts, etc., that have become so popular today. The "Florence Collection" featured authetnically detailed models of such couples as Louis XV and Madame Pompadour, Pinkie and Blue Boy, and Rhet and Scarlett. Nearly all of the Florence figures have names which are written on their bases.

Now, I don't see any listing of my particular figure in this book, but because the company made Rhet and Scarlett, it makes me wonder whether this "Melanie" isn't supposed to be Melanie from "Gone with the Wind." An interesting idea, anyway.

Oh, and those cheap chicks in the title? How about THESE cheap chicks!

Don't you just love how realistic-looking they are? (And a little irritated in their expressions, as well!) They were $5 for the pair at the UFO in Greensburg. I had seen a pair like them at a Salvation Army several years ago and had passed them up, thinking I wasn't going to do any Easter decor (silly fool!). When I realized a day later I could certainly make an exception for THEM at least-- they were gone. So finding this set was really fun for me.

Well, I'm afraid that's all there is for this Treasure Box Wednesday. Check out the Sunday post if you're so inclined-- "Aprons and Hankies: Time, Ties and Trends "-- by clicking here.
And for newer folks, don't forget there's a huge archive of goodies here to dive into-- just click the triangular bullets to reveal the individual posts inside (it takes less time to load that way). There are LOTS of pictures.

Have a chirpy one! :)


Michelle said...

What great loot! I LOVE those chickens.. I have a chick planter that I'm searching high and low for..I hope I didn't get rid of it. You inspired me with your lamb planters..they are the cutest. They are filled with eggs ready for Sunday :)

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


Counting Your Blessings said...

I love it all but those chicks are soooo cool! Your blog seems to be right up my thrifty alley. I've added you to our Romantic Spots list. Have a great Wednesday. Blessings.. Polly

Lidian said...

I love cheap chicks, being one myself! You always find the coolest stuff! :)

ismoyo said...

Ooh.. such wonderful finds! Love the vase and the mugs and bowl set... treasures.

Carrie said...

You've shared some great finds, but my favorite is the pair of chicks. I just burst out laughing at the expression on their faces!

Linda said...

Great finds. I cute the darling chicks and being a hanky collector love your latest. Linda

Amy said...

I really like the cups! Big ones like that hold alot of coffee :-)

Vallen said...

I want to go with you next time. I love those mugs and bowls. Heck, I love everything you got.

Signature Vintage said...

Awesome finds! I love that creamy blue color!!!

white o'morn cottage said...

That is deff. Melanie from Gone with the wind...Or in Gaelge..."Imithe Leis an Gaofer"(im-ih-he lesh on gay-for) Pam

SewDelish said...

Hi, Have just given you an award on my blog, come on over to pick it up.


f. said...

love the bowls & mugs!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Those cheap chicks would fit well into my Empire of junk.