Treasure Box Wednesday: A Short Holiday Wrap-Up

We've talked a lot about holiday decorating lately, so tonight, I thought we'd gab about gifting. As you know, I'm a big supporter of finding great gifts at thrift stores. It supports reuse, it's cost-effective, and best of all, you can find amazing, unique items.

But really, you have to know your recipients when you do this. I'm fortunate to have friends and family who understand that just because something was pre-owned, doesn't make that item any less wonderful, or my gifting intentions any less sincere. So I understand, thrifted gifts may not be for everyone.

Today, however, I thought I'd share with you a little overview of some of the gifts I'd thrifted this season. Fortunately, those who will be receiving these goodies, are not online this week. (HA-HA.) So I can tell you folks in real-time about the fun finds-- while the recipients can still enjoy the surprises of the season.

But first, I wanted to share with you a truly crazy, creative and beautiful gift my friend Kitty made for me this year. Kitty is known for her sense of humor and crafty side, and has, in the past, come up with rather wacky and extremely thoughtful Christmas gifts for me. And this year was one I thought would make you all smile, as well; Kitty made me a Thrift Shop Romantic logo needlework sampler!

Here is a close-up of the detailed stitching... She did the curliques, lamp fringe, and all!

I am not handy with a needle myself, but I do know the intricacy and time that goes into a piece like this. Plus, she made her own template from a print-out from my web site header and chose the specific (and eerily accurate!) colors. It's a little hard to see in this photo, but she even went to the trouble to make the background have the same textured feel of the pale green damask graphic.

The last little nuance to the piece was in choosing the frame. Kitty's personal taste runs much more streamlined and silver than mine, so it is a big credit to her talent at gifting that she chose such a burnished, old-fashioned-feel frame for my decor.

I was speechless when I opened it, and I'll be hanging it in the just-right spot in my home.

Most of all, I feel lucky to have friends who care so much.

Speaking of excellent friends, another bud-- the infamous housemate, Scoobie-- will be receiving a couple of thrifted gifts this season, too. (She's away for the holidays now, so I can tell you all about it!) You all saw her French blue Christmas decor the other day, so you may understand why these handpainted plates leapt out at me...

I was particularly surprised to find a set of four! I also found this beautiful transferware and hand-detailed luster plate from Germany.

I think it's fairly old, and she'll be happy with it. Lastly, in the house she doesn't yet have (she's planned a lot for it, it's going to be astounding someday), she hopes to have a bit of an Old West/Victorian theme. So I thought, what 1800s saloon would be complete without a nifty mirrored beer sign?...

At the very least, I thought it will give her a good chuckle.

Now, what Victorian home wouldn't be right without a big, yellow robot Transformer?...

Um, yeah: I know. But still-- he works! He's "Foot-stomping Action Bumblebee," they tell me. And he makes one heckuva lot of racket (particularly when I was driving him from the thrift store to home! Every stop light there seemed to be an explosion). But a young Transformers collector on my list will be one totally happy dude.

Other thrifted purchases over the season for gifts include a huge milk glass collection (including punch bowl set!), comics, collectible dolls, character glassses, a wide range of books, and a number of Garfield collectibles. How fun is that?

Lastly, there are two thrifted finds this week I thought I'd show you. Like these paintings?-- "Pshaw!"....

Or rather "P. Shaw." The artist. But as you can see, the artist took liberties with his/her signatures on the watercolors. A great find at just $1 a piece.

And then there was Scoobie's early 1900s rocking chair coup. This was at the St. Vincent de Paul in Monroeville for around $40. It will need some reupholstery, but it isn't a difficult piece do redo...

And just look at that gorgeous tiger oak!

Anyway, that's all for this week's Treasure Box. I hope those celebrating holidays right now have a happy one, and I wish good tidings to everyone in general this season. Thank you all for reading and for being a part of it!


Kathy said...

Your finds are lovely! And Kitty's needlework! Oh, my! I would have cried receiving that. It's so beautiful and personalized. And you're right, she got all the details. I can't imagine how long it took. Good for you and Merry Christmas!

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Kathy- I was so shocked when I opened Kitty's gift, I just was openmouthed for a minute. It still hasn't fully registered. She's such a lovely.

Merry Christmas to you, too, Kathy!!

Da Old Man said...

That needlework was terrific. What a thoughtful gift. And those thrifting finds were pretty amazing.
I agree with your theory of thrifting rather than new. It's "green" and often, the quality is so much better. And it usually shows more thought than some junk from Wally World.

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Da Old Man- Kitty is truly awesome. And, yes, I'd much rather shop a la thrift than face the mayhem at Walmart. The thrifting, though, just needs a bit more planning ahead than regular shopping.

Debbie said...

Hi Jenn....I love your needlepoint "sign"....what a wonderfully thoughtful gift! I've been hesitant to do anything like that since I made a shadowbox replica of someone's online boutique and they seemed less than happy with their gift....I didn't know her well though so I guess it just depends on the person. I'm slowly introducing my extended family to thrifted gifts....both of my daughters are wonderful thrifters but some of the other family are not too thrilled with the idea. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an excellent New Year! Love all of the pictures of your home all decorated up for the holidays. :)

Holiday hugs,

Chat Blanc said...

The needlework piece is great!

Love the gifts. Next year I should hire you to be my personal shopper! :)

Peggy. said...

Have a great Christmas!


Lidian said...

That is a briliant needlework sign! And you deserve it!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, all the best to you!


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Debbie- The shadowbox sounds like such a sweet, personalized gift; there's really no accounting for some folks, I suppose. I hope you have a terrific Christmas, as well!

Chat Blanc- The shopping is a lot of fun. Though if it were a job I might not enjoy it as much. :)

Peggy- To you, as well!

Lidian- Aw... :) Have a great one, Lidian!

Andrea said...

I'm late reading your pre-Christmas blog....everything is lovely and the needlepoint is truly sensational. Tried doing that myself once and flopped. I'm not very crafty.
Hope that you didn't mind the card in the snail-mail. I send them out to everyone that I email and you weren't hard to find. Sometimes it's nice to get something that you can actually touch and see someone's handwriting, rather than just the typed page.
Hope that your Christmas was truly special and that Santa presented you with lots of "thrifty gifties".

Sujatha said...

Lucky you- that embroidered logo is just gorgeous. That's one talented friend you have there!

St.Vincent de Paul thrifting, here I come. I work right next door to it now!

That Girl Ang said...

Happy Holidays JennT

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

love the needlepoint and I am so with you on the green thing, so much rather be saving something from landfill

lovely blog, I've popped in a few times but just wanted to say hi!


Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Andrea- No, it was very thoughtful-- thank you. I hope you had a terrific holiday yourself!

Sujatha- Oh, now THAT has to be fun, working near a St. Vincent de Paul. Here's hoping you found some great stuff.

That Girl Ang- Hope you had a great one, too!! And happy New Year!

Sarah- Thank you! And I'm glad you did pop by! Welcome!!

Melinda said...

What a lovely and thoughtful present--and honestly, those are my favorite kind. Last year, a great artist friend of mine did a portrait of me--and it touched me so much. I love homemade gifts best.

Shirley said...

You always have the neatest stuff. The Transformer isn't quite my taste. Lol! Maybe he doesn't look victorian enough and needs some lace and a parsol. :) I'm sure my husban would see this comment as blasphemy. :)

Jeunelle Foster said...

Oh my goodness, I use to love to do needlepoint growing up with my Grandmother and now I lost interest and don't do it much at all.
It use to be a great way to pass the time, knitting, crochet and needlepoint is my Grandma's specialty and she still does it at 99 years old. I think it's what keeps her so young :)