Ahoy, Thar Be Treasure This Wednesday!

Begin comedic pirate voice/

"Aye, scurvy lasses and lads! This be Treasure Chest... er... Box Wednesday, so gather round as this blogging wench shows ye this week's booty!"

/end comedic pirate voice


Actually, the main treasure this week is in the form of a gift I'd gotten my dad for Father's Day. Ye Olde Dadde is partial to items reminiscent of the sea and its tales. So over time I found a couple of items that I thought might shiver his timbers...

The sailing ship lamp here is spelter and probably dates from the early 1900s. It still has a bit of its bronzed patina to it, but some of it's worn away... I thought it had character....

I also liked how the base of it is molded to look like a swelling wave.

And then here, I'd found a lovely little storybook with a variation on the Little Mermaid tale, "The Little Sea Maid"...

Delicately tinted illustrations and a poem made this quaint, unusual item just right to send with the lamp. It's also probably from about the same time period.

I believe Dad was pleased.

Now as for thrifting this week, mostly I ended up cleaning up from a flood that hit late last week. So I had time for only a little leisure. However, I did find this cute lavender lamb planter...

And a piece of shell pink milk glass-- this one's a sugar bowl...

It seems strange I'm finding so much of this right now when it was impossible to find outside of antique stores about a year or so ago. But, these things come in cycles, for some reason. Sometimes you see a ton of one type of thing, and six months later-- not a single piece.

Anyway, that's the main plunder for this week!

But before you go, I did want to share with you all a bit of good news, I'd had...

I'd entered a fiction contest for short humor pieces at Humor Press, and actually came in Second Place! Can ya believe that? I about fell over when I saw the notification in my Inbox.
Hope you all have a booty-ful week yourselves! Arrrrgh!


Cindy said...

Love the finds! I am sure your dad was pleased! I am new to blogs and blogging in general but have enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your treasures. Congrats on your win!

Carrie said...

I've also found that since DVDs have taken over the video market, my thrift stores have lots of VHS tapes of movies and educational titles available for very little money. So I've been able to buy some titles that I would not get otherwise.

Lois said...

Hye Jenn!
Congratulations on your Fiction story win! That's awesome!
As to the bootie from the bounty, I love the lamp base. Very nice.
The book too.
It's funny....I was just looking at that same exact book last week but put it back because I was too broke to buy it and the other book I wanted. Maybe I'll slip over to the thrift store and see if it's still there this week.
Have a great week Jenn.

Annabelle said...

I adore your lamp. Great finds and perfect for the sea captain! I found a boat lamp last year and of all the places you would think I'd find such a treasure it was right in my back yard at a yard sale of my neighbors. It only cost me a dollar.
Love the book as well.