Treasure Box Wednesday: Mini-Thrifting and CBS Pumps Pros of Secondhand

Did you know, you smart secondhand shopper, that you are a part of a growing trend in "hip" and sensible resale shopping? Well, apparently so, according to CBS News, anyway.

I was watching the evening news the other night, when the piece came on, discussing a couple of different ways people are able to get great, high-end items at bargain prices. The ones they mention include:
  • Having clothes swapping parties (trade friends for wardrobe items they no longer want, and refresh your own wardrobe at the same time)
  • Visiting thrift stores
  • And hitting consignment shops
You start to suspect the world is suddenly on to what we knew along-- that thrifts, and other resale meccas are a great way to find terrific items at a good price!

The thing that struck me most, however, was how the news broadcast appears to spin it to the Gucci, Sachs, and other big-name-label crowd. Are we really getting the Gucci gals at the Goodwill... and the Sachs fans at Sally's?

Which prompts me to ask-- do you folks hit the thrifts, yard sales and flea markets for designer labels or other high-end items? I've found a few bigger name vintage purses in my travels, but I chose them originally because they were an eye-catching style and of noticeable quality.

If so, what sorts of things do you look for?

Now me, you all probably know by now I buy a lot more decorative and household items at thrifts than I buy clothes. And there was just a little bit of thrifting in that area this week...

These 40s/50s Turner floral prints!...

I got the pair at the Salvation Army thrift store, at just $3.99 a piece. Stylistically, they remind me of the soft colors of my Victorian postcards...

I'm such a sucker for a nice red rose!

But, hey, blue's lovely, too-- like with these pansies and forget-me-nots...

When you think about just how much it costs these days to have something framed, it's amazing to find two pre-framed prints for that price in this shape. So I was a pretty happy gal.

So tell me, folks-- have you found any goodies lately? And if so, what have you uncovered?

Or maybe you'll pop back again Sunday for our next post. I'd love to see you then.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I've never found any Guchis!!! Are we hanging out at the wrong Sally Ann's??

Naw ..... I'm happy with all my treasures.

chyna said...

Can't say I've ever found some big name item at a thrift store but did find a set of sheets from some big name. Funny but I can't even remember who it was that is just how much it meant to me. LOL

I do know that it took a few washes for them to be better linens. the first two tries was nothing short of a wrinkle mess that would have given Martha Stewart fits.

Serena said...

Hi, Jenn
I don't specifically look for designer stuff, but a few weeks ago, I happened to see a worker at one of the local Salvation Armies putting away a rack of skirts. One of the skirts really caught my eye, and when I took it off the rack and looked at the label, I saw that it was an Emporio Armani skirt. It was really gorgeous and I would have tried it on, but alas, it had a 1-2 inch tear at the bottom, near the hem. But at least, I know I have good taste and can recognize good quality when I see it! LOL!
My friend, whom I was visiting in Minnesota just last week, has a gorgeous Dooney and Bourke handbag that she found at her local consignment store for $50.00. She purchased it when it was 50% off. It would have been a great deal, even at $100, as it was a large handbag and in great condition.
I must say, some of the prices at the thrifts out where I am (San Francisco) can be outrageous ($300 for a vintage dress??), so I've stopped looking for clothing.

Da Old Man said...

The Spawn thrifts for clothes in the Philly area, and has found designer jeans (usually close to $100) with tags for $10 or so.
She has mentioned more than once that she often finds tags on the clothes at thrifts, so they are not even gently worn, they are new. She buys a lot of her clothes that way.
When Dad paid the bills she wouldn't dream of even looking.

Lisa said...

I just look for the brands that I like. Today my daughter and I found two thrift stores. It was fun going to them, because we just moved over 800 miles, so everything is new and exciting. She found a Ralph Lauren jersey. That is about as big name as we ever find. I didn't buy anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I have a very secret Salvation Army thrift store (which is actually just the garage of the church and only open on Saturday mornings). I have a strict budget of AU$40 per week and for that amount I can usually fill the boot of my car. I regularly find brand name items. I found a pair of new Nike runners a couple of weeks ago (for AU$2). They sell their clothing for AU$1.00 a piece for most items and I have picked up Australian designer frocks in the past, band t-shirts, even found a pilot's uniform (but that was $5!!). I always look at the jeans rack and take any "good" brand names - eg Levis to resell on eBay. The folks at this store know that's what I do to earn a little bit extra and they get so excited when I tell them that something I bought for a few cents or a dollar sells for twenty or more times what I paid for it. I try to be the first paying customer and I regularly find fabulous bric-a-brac items (found a trio of those vintage pyrex bowls you like so much and I can't bear to part with them), videos, dvds, music cds. I find lots of fantastic stuff and pay so little for it (like the 2 vintage 1940s-50s framed floral prints and one original framed oil painting I found all for $5). They reckon that I am their best customer because I came and spend my money every week. They are terrific volunteers and always keep special things aside for me, so how can I not be happy!! Don't ask me where this super shop is because, I'm sorry, I won't tell you!! Who knows what I am going to find next.....
Mellbourne, Australia

Jenn Thorson said...

Sandy- That's, as far as I'm concerned, the important part!

Chyna- Were they Ralph Lauren? Because for some reason I think I recall you mentioning them on the cottage board. Why I recall that, I have no idea. Or maybe I'm hallucinating.

Serena- Shame about the tear in the Armani skirt, but might have been a good fixer-upper for someone. Yes, our vintage shops are a lot more expensive than I'd like. Nice things, but a bit out of the price range.

Da Old Man- I didn't realize the Spawn was a budding thrifter. Good for her-- at least it sounds like she's learned the power of extending her own money-- if not her Pop's. :)

Lisa- Oh, that's great you're finding new places to go now that you've moved. And good thing there ARE places to go... or I suspect you'd be suffering withdrawal!

Anna- Heh, wow, that IS Super-Secret! No, I wouldn't press you for the info on its locale-- wouldn't want to ruin your thrifting mojo-- but thank you for sharing your tale.

chyna said...

Ralph Lauren sounds about right. I've washed them enough now that they are just butter soft, shame they are too small for my new bed. Miss those sheets now. :) Now they'll have to stay in storage until we get a spare room and the iron bed can come out again.

Rosemary said...

See, you were way ahead of your time!!!
Great post!
Have a nice weekend,

Annabelle said...

I found the pansy painting at the Goodwill some years back but mine has a bit of damange.... still it is beautiful.Luv hunting for old things and finding not only the object but sometimes the concept behind the piece I acquired making it all the more interesting and very unique one of a kind treasure find.