Treasure Box Wednesday: Pre-Christmas Thrifting

In spite of the hustle and the bustle of the holidays, the lure of the Red, White and Blue thrift store ended up being a little too strong. So I popped in to see what might await.

The first thing I spied was this set of pretty vintage prints, which I believe will go in my blue sitting room...

If you look at the Queen Anne furniture in the photos, they're almost identical to what I have in that room. In fact, the blue tapestry chair in the print on the right looks like a reverse of my pink arm chair there. I think they'll be a nice addition to the room.

I also came across two Shabby Chic pillows, in great condition and-- HALF OFF!

This made them, oh, $1.50 each. And anyone who's bought Shabby Chic anything knows that even the Target Rachel Ashwell line doesn't end up reduced that much.

And lastly, maybe my brain was thinking ahead-- way ahead-- to summer. But I couldn't resist this awesome vintage strawberry covered tablecloth.

How cute would that be on a table filled with green Depression glass?

The last two things I wanted to show you were not thrifted, they came from an antique store. But I'm really excited about them. While my first floor has some pretty ornate bare bulb art deco/nouveau cast iron chandeliers, my second floor lighting has never wowed me. I have modern, brassy, pseudo-Victorian fixtures in the blue room, my master bedroom and in the hall.

Recently, when a part of the one in my bedroom came off in my hand as I was changing a bulb, well, I knew I needed to make some changes.

So how about these painted, porcelain bare-bulb babies?....
They remind me of the early movie houses and dramatic theaters... so elaborately encrused with detail...
Anyway, I think this will be a big improvement.

And that is where we stand this Treasure Box Wednesday!

To all of you celebrating this holiday season, I hope you have a happy, healthy, merry one!


The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I too was in a thrift shop yesterday! the strawberry tablecloth is a classic and you'll use it tons!

Lee Laurie said...

OMGosh! Those light fixtures are awesome! I would love to have some of those! Those pillows are beautiful too and what a great price! You lucky girl. I wish that we had one of those stores around here!

Lee Laurie

TJ Lubrano said...

Hi Jenn! Ooh I love the vintage prints! They would go perfectly in your blue room! And the table cloth! I can totally picture a freshly baked pie, a large pitcher with a very tasty lemonade, some tall glasses, slices of lemon on a plate and a bowl of fresh fruit...and the first beams of sunlight just peaking through the sky...*sigh*

I want pie now ^_^.

Oh before I forget: MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS JENN! and if I don't speak to you before the end of 2009...Have an awesome start of 2010!!

Ciao *waves*

Jenn Thorson said...

Lucy- I'm looking forward to it! I think it'll be really cheerful.

Lee- We are really lucky in this area, I admit. Thank you for stopping by!

TJ- Happy holidays to you, too!! I'll probably check in over the next few days here and there, though I won't be online much. Take care of yourself, and have a great one!! :)

Andrea said...

I was thrifting at the Goodwill in Indiana today. Much bigger than the one in my town. I found some really neat things and you definitely hit the jackpot. I love the prints...right up my alley in taste. Love the Shabby Chic look and what a bargain! The strawberry tablecloth gets my mind off of cold weather and snow. We are having rain, actually.
The light fixture is my favorite! Gorgeous detail, awesome colors. I wouldn't know where to begin with it.....we don't change anything but lightbulbs around here. LOL

My Vintage Treasures said...

Great Treasures!!! The prints & light fixtures are to die for!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

hindsightbias said...

Wow! I just came across your blog, awesome stuff- I generally thrift for clothes and fabric but some of the stuff you have on here is just divine!

Jenn Thorson said...

Andrea- Glad your Goodwill expedition was such a success. May there be many more for 2010!

My Vintage Treasures- Thank you, and I hope you had a great holiday!

Hindsightbias- Oh thrift stores can be great for fabric, so I can see where you probably are able to find some excellent things.

Anonymous said...

I grew up around antiques. My Grandfather was a dealer. When you get off the Irwin exit off the PA Pike head towards Greensburg. You will go thru two lights and pass a dealership and go down in a dip. At the dip get off the exit. Make a left off exit and there is L.L. Flea-tique. You name it is there. It is in the "Adamsburg Dip". They r closed on Mondays.

Dawn said...

The framed prints are beautiful! I pick things like that up any chance I get. I love to surround myself with that era of beautiful things!

Jennifer said...

I have a Red White and Blue thrift near me too, and let me say it blows Goodwill right out of the water. I always find treasures there, and you are right about the shabby chic stuff being a great buy. I've found throw pillows, pillow shams, and one of those really soft fleece blankets by Shabby Chic at this store, all in brand new condition.

Great find, that old tablecloth. The first time I visited RW&B, they had 3 of those old cloths, for about $3 each. I only bought the one with no stains, but went back the next day after I came to my senses (stains can be worked on!!) and of course they were gone.

Most recent finds at this great store:

white alabaster bird bookends

vintage print in folk art frame of "Shepherd's Call"

small somewhat modern ceramic head statue of the virgin mary, saw it on etsy for over $20

very very small and old ceramic figurine of a baby in a tub, saw it on an antique site for $25 (paid 95 cents for both that and the Virgin statue)

yet another vintage planter, McCoy, turquoise blue shallow round with a wave design around the edges

I go here at least once a week, and always find something great!