Bargains and Beauty at the First Annual Bellevue Neighborhood Yard Sale

It might just have been the birth of an annual tradition!

I'm talking about the First Annual Bellevue Neighborhood Yard Sale, here in the Pittsburgh, PA region.

Much like the Regent Square neighborhood sale, Bellevue promised the joy and anticipation of serendipitous secondhand. But where Regent Square is a fairly condensed area, and the sale has been going on for several years in a row, Bellevue's participating Victorian homes were spread out over the northern slopes, making for some fascinating items and a lot of really good exercise.

I was hoping for some shots with condensed yard saling activity in them, but topography just wouldn't permit! One of my favorite locations had tons of fabric remnants... virtually anything you might need, right down to a disassembled, hand-embroidered vintage quilt with squares just waiting to be pieced together once more.

I didn't buy anything there, as my sewing skills don't in any way equal my ambition, but I really enjoyed walking around, seeing the homes and the various items for sale, and thinking about how these things might find new owners who would truly appreciate them.

My buddy Scoobie did find an antique level, as a future Christmas present for her dad...

From a distance, it may not look like much, but this old tool still has a few tricks up its sleeve... or, from the looks of the metal plaque embedded deeply into it-- its toga.
Initials and a maiden (Columbia? Liberty?) tell a tale of days where detail mattered. I think Scoobie's dad is going to be thrilled. He collects old tools and cherishes them for both their form and function.

I also had a blast taking photos of local architecture, flora and fauna. This stained glass window, in what I believe is a chrysanthemum pattern, caught the eye...
The shingles need work, but the window continues to brighten the way.

I also loved these hydrangeas, where many different colors inhabited just one bush...
Some on their way out, some are still shouting of summer days!

And a butterfly bush drew in some friendly swallowtails who didn't mind posing for a brief fashion shoot...

I flapped on out of there myself feeling relaxed, entertained and glad for such a beautiful day. Here's looking forward to next year.


Lemondrop Marie said...

How lovely, I am so envious of your day. Love your hydrangea shot!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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JD at I Do Things said...

After a beautiful day like that, who cares if you didn't find anything? The hydrangeas are GORGEOUS (such show-offs, aren't they?) as is the butterfly.

And who knew a level could be so interesting?

Kellie Dobbie said...

Was that on a Sunday? What a lovely day to spend your weekend. Who knows, you might find something you could use at a bargain price. You cannot accomplish this sitting at home watching TV.

Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

Sounds like fun and I bet the homes were really awesome to look at. Love the garden district in New Orleans. We enjoyed walking around one year, wishing that we could go inside and view the homes, but that's not going to happen.
Your photography is so pretty. I ordered a new camera and should be getting it tomorrow and then I'll be posting more on my blog again.
Hope the heat isn't getting to you.

Jenn Thorson said...

Marie- That house had two hydrangea bushes out front and both were like that. It just looked so magical.

JD- That's the nice thing about walking around historic neighborhoods-- there's a lot to take in you wouldn't notice if you weren't on-foot.

Kellie- It was on a Saturday. I like the never quite knowing what you'll find.

Andrea- OH, New Orleans was gorgeous-- so much to enjoy, between the gardens and architecture and antiques and art and music. Hope your new camera is a big hit. I like the close-up capabilities on mine (a lot of them have it these days) for things like the butterflies and flowers. It makes a huge difference in how the photos turn out.

Lisa said...

Oh I LOVE neighborhood yard sales!More selection to look over! Church yard sales are great too. I usually get great deals there as the items have been donated:) said...

You found so many interesting things.
What a nice way to spend your day and enjoy nature. The hydrangeas are so colorful.