Go West, Young Collector: Collecting Cowboy and Western-themed Bourbon Bottles

My good buddy, Scoobie, is a vista chick. She loves the idea of a bright orange Western mesa, a handsome cowboy, and a beautiful sunset.

The budding decor in her new home reflects this. So it stands on the precipice of Victoriana, arts and crafts, and merry Western kitsch. She is still finding her way. But one collection she has continued via the power of thrifting and antiquing is her Western-themed decanter collection...

Something fans of the unique, inexpensive and fun, will recognize as easy-to-find vintage collectibles at thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls, and yard sales!

Scoobie has kindly let me showcase her collection-to-date for you today-- for which I'd like to thank her. (She's very kind about letting me take photos of whatever she's up to for the ol' blog. Hugs to her!) I know The Thrift Shop Romantic does have some indulgent male readers, and this might just pique the interest. Think of the rugged pulp fiction of Louis L'Amour... And Zane Gray... And the artist Remington...

And bourbon! Oh, lots of bourbon! Like these fun, in-the-box bottles of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, flocked in blue velvet and flecked in gold...

They're covered in Remington prints and generally quite inexpensive in both antique malls and thrift stores, if you're willing to shop around. I understand, the trick is remembering which ones you already have.

Scoobie has also gotten for just a few dollars a piece, a couple of bottles that reflect the retro travel souvenir style that was popular in the 50s and 60s. Like this fun Yosemite map bottle she uncovered.

Others, take on the shape of a real item... Like this stagecoach Kentucky bourbon bottle. Or an Arizona bottle shaped like a mesa I believe (if my memory serves me correctly, because I was there at the time of purchase) she bought for only $3 or so at the Pottery City Antique Mall in, Ohio...
(Correct me if I'm wrong, Scoobie!)

Also, Jim Beam came out with a brown-bottled wildlife series. I got her the chipmunk bottle at the Salvation Army on the South Side of Pittsburgh last year, but she found the other two herself.
As for value, on the whole, don't expect to make a mint off your decorative bottles, but there are collectors' societies who do specialize in certain types of decanters.

I enjoyed perusing the following decanter-related sites (click the links to learn more):

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And don't forget:
Me, I have to go. I need to round-up some dinner. Can I get a "yeeeee-hawwwww"?" :)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this made me sigh :).... As a child, I grew up with my parents running pubs and clubs. the reps used to come in and give mum and dad promotional material to display around the bar and to attract people to their brand of booze.
Well my mum is one of those people that believe it is rude to discard anything that has been given to you as a gift - even if that gift is a piece of promotional ware.

When they left the licensed trade, all the tutt came with them. The Benedictine Monk with the light-up halo; the sleepy mexican whose sombrero is the stopper on a bottle of Tequila; The Guiness Toucan - now worth a fair bit; The Babycham deer; The St Bernard dog for I can't remember what. And just loads and loads of this tutt.

Why on earth anyone wants to collect it is beyond me! LOL