Treasure Box Wednesday: Lady Spring Gets Saucy in Autumn

My only find this week was one I had seen a while ago at an antique store in Bellevue, PA, and this week I nabbed it. I understand from the owner this Victorian lady print-- who appears to be the embodiment of Spring-- was actually on layaway for a while with a customer who was paying it off in $5 increments. And who then decided she didn't need it after all.
I think she works very well in my blue French sitting room, with her art nouveau style, soft colors and dramatic pose.

The owner was saying how these were the pin-up girls of the Victorian age, and admittedly Queen Victoria might have found her just a bit saucy for mixed company. But the print's condition is great, and it seems very at home along with the tapestries, fringed lampshades and other goodies in that room.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!


Dreamgoddess said...

Jenn, that print is beautiful! What a great find and it's going to be so pretty in your blue room. Do you know the name of the artist?

Jenn Thorson said...

Dreamgoddess- It doesn't appear to have a signature on it. I'm hoping someday I'll run into another print which will be marked-- just for my own knowledge! :)