Treasure Box Wednesday: Treasuring Bad Art

To follow our recent kitsch theme here on Treasure Box Wednesday, I could think of nothing more likely to put a smile on your face and a snicker on your lips than a little trip to the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)-- America's collection of well-meaning yet not-quite-right works on canvas. Above is just one example-- the MOBA's Mona Lisa of sorts, "Lucy in the Field with Flowers."

Because YouTube wouldn't let me embed the file, I will include the link to this tongue-in-cheek art exhibition here:

Having commited a few examples of bad art myself-- (I am particularly proud of "Moody Blue Pepper in Otherwise Monochrome Still Life")-- I can completely identify how good intentions can go wrong... so very, very wrong.

Hope your week goes very, very right-- and I'll see you perhaps again on Sunday!


Jackie said...

This is hilarious. Loved the video expose of the Bad Art movement!

I think I have actually contributed to the cause in some small way. My boyfriend says my cartoon-ish drawings of him look "childlike." That must be code for 'Bad!'

My Daily Creation said...

Love the MOBA installation!

Jenn Thorson said...

Jackie- Maybe your boyfriend is just trying to say how YOUNG he looks when you draw him... :)

Daily Creation- Yeah, they put some effort into it, didn't they? :)