Turkey Tray Wednesday: TSR's Thanks, Tips and Travel Humor

Since the Treasure Box for this week isn't full of any thrifted goodies-- what with there being no time for thriftin' fun-- I thought I would leave you this Thanksgiving holiday with a great big helping of holiday humor from my humor blog Of Cabbages and Kings.

Savor 'em one at a time, or devour 'em in one big bite. But just keep a few antacids on hand, because even the most savory Cabbage can do a number on ya if you chew too fast.

  • Giving Thanks, Cabbages-Style. I've put together a very special list of the things that I've been grateful for in the past year which are actually 100% unrelated to things like turkeys, family, or parades where giant Snoopys stomp Manhattan like beagle-shaped Godzillas. Perhaps you might even join me in a few of them! Click here.
  • Tips to Liven Up Thanksgiving. At every family get-together, there's always that one person who makes a real statement. Like Uncle Joey who brings a case of beer he drinks himself all before half-time and then begins to regale everyone with the history of the combustion engine. Or Aunt Clara who isn't speaking to Aunt Betty since the Chestnut Stuffing Schism of 1987. But this year, why not make that memorable party guest... you? Click here.
  • How Not to Annoy Airport Security. Making your life easier with helpful tips for getting through airport security without annoying them-- and molesting you. (Amusingly, I wrote this two years before this year's Dave Barry groping incident.) Click here.

And while I have you all here, I'd like to wish my American readers a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with all good things. I appreciate each and every one of you for stopping by this year.

(And to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie in Alice's Restaurant, I hope you have a Thanksgiving dinner-- or two-- that couldn't be beat!)


Van said...

Thanks for sharing, I shall read the funny links now!

Have a happy thanksgiving!

Jenn Thorson said...

Van- Hey, thank you. Backatcha! :)