Snow go!

Darn it, Old Man Winter, you are seriously interfering with my quality thrifting time and motivation!

While on Sunday, my father and I did brave the icy temperatures for a mini-jaunt around the route 30 stores-- (Dad got an unopened season of MacGyver DVDs for... get this... fifty-cents!)-- otherwise life has involved going from home to work to home again, with some heavy-duty snow-shoveling in-between.

I have been trying to convince myself the shoveling is an important part of a 2011 calorie-burning regimen.

Of course, here in Pittsburgh, we haven't gotten hit with the white stuff anywhere near the way my further Eastern buddies have.

How have you all been faring? Do you have any winter landscape photos you'd care to share with us here?

My cat Alice was watching me shovel this morning through the glass front door. A gust of wind sent snow careening into me-- and sent Alice recoiling back from the door, even in the warmth of the house. Apparently Alice and the snow may both be white and fluffy, but the similarity ends there. :)

Oh, and while I remember, you folks also might enjoy my recent humor blog piece "What's Your Snow Removal Style?" Are you a Winter Warrior, A Free Spirit, the Guilt Shoveler or a 'More Power' Enthusiast? Find out-- click here.

Take care, stay warm, and well wishes for warm beverages for each of you!



aimee said...

Our snowfall totals have been manageable thus far - not a single snow day for my daughter yet. But that's because the heavier snows have come on the weekends and so the road crews have had time to clear the snows away.

In regards to winter weather, I still chuckle when I recall talking to a forest ranger in Wyoming while on vacation there a couple of summers ago. We were at 9,000+ ft in elevation, so I asked him how much they get in a winter, and he replied that they'd gotten 8 feet of snow the previous winter. I told him we'd gotten 12 feet of snow then. With surprise, he asked me if we lived in the higher elevations. "No - the eastern shore of Lake Michigan!" I explained. It amused me that he seemed to think that only mountainous areas would have gotten that much snow.

Nathalie Thompson said...

I'm just east of Kansas City, MO and we got about 6". Today was Day 3 without school. My kids are loving it, while I am READY for them to attend classes again!

MacGyver for 50 cents?! Deal of the decade!

And I love your postcard quality snow photo!

vintagesue said...

right...we have gotten little snow this year, so i'm thankful!! i know the south's had their share this year!! quite unusual for them!!!
good luck on the roads! i'm with you on the thrifting time. i brave storms so i won't miss opportunities!!!
i shovel....the old fashion is my only cardio!! haha.
stay safe.

meleah rebeccah said...

Old Man Winter is OUT OF CONTROL this year!!

Coupon Queen said...

I sure hope Winter stops interfering with your thrifting soon, I love stopping in to see your latest purchases! I can't believe your dads luck on the DVDs!! Since its MacGyver I expect he will now be able to get himself out of any fix with just some dental floss and a toothpick. ;)

I know I don't usually comment on your blog even though I do stop in to peek, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your posts. I just won the 'Stylish Blogger' award yesterday and I get to share 15 awards with blogs I enjoy so I picked yours as one of them. :) The award info on it is on my blog page, Have a great weekend!!

Jenn Thorson said...

Aimee- I bet your daughter has been seriously disappointed that she's only gotten the snow on weekends! What a gyp! :)

Nathalie- Yes, it must be interesting to be seeing the snow day joy from the PARENTS perspective now.

VintageSue- It's true there usually is pretty good thrifting on snowy days. I hope you're able to find something excellent this season.

Meleah- That's the way it's seemed. At least we've had a little sun the last two days. I hardly know how to react.

Coupon Queen- I will have to see what Dad's managed to make, MacGyver-style. If I give him a roll of duct tape there may be no stopping him. And thanky very much for the kind award!!

Anonymous said...

Old Man Winter decided to visit us here in the South too! And we were not ready for his visit, lol. But finally, the snow and ice has departed and life can go on.

I really enjoy this post and your blog. I've just recently stumbled on it and I totally dig it! I'm going to keep reading. <3