While I remember, a Little Short Fiction For You

While I know, sci-fi/fantasy isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, I thought some of you good folks might enjoy a little space adventure short story I published recently on my humor blog.

The tale uses two characters from the humorous space fantasy novel I'm currently working to get published.

Anyway, if you have a minute and are looking for a chuckle, you can check the short story out by clicking here... It's called "The Hyphiz Deltan Job."

I'll be back to decorative and thrifty goodies later in the week. I'm working on a surprise for my friend Josette who will be visiting over Memorial Day. Woo-hoo!!



Claire said...

I think everyone will (or should) enjoy a little foray into the world inside your head.

Lucky Josette!! I shall returneth to see the bounty.

Jenn Thorson said...

Claire- Heh- the world inside my head is a strange place. I recommend people bring breadcrumbs, so they can find their way out again. :)