Treasure Box Wednesday: A Kindness to Treasure

So, I haven't really been hitting the thrift stores lately; time has been at a premium, and I just haven't needed anything. This weekend I am, however, headed down Route 30 for an antiquing/thrifting adventure with some friends, which should present the perfect opportunity to share new goodies with you all for next week's post. But today's post is about a treasure of a different kind I thought you all would appreciate.

Last week I was at the grocery store and there was an elderly lady in front of me with a number of bags of groceries. Initially, I wasn't paying it much mind, but soon it became clear there was something wrong with the debit card she was using, which I later learned was for foodstamps.

She swiped it a few times, then the cashier came to help her, and it was sounding like there was some sort of error with the account.

Well, the guy behind me in line realized the truth of the matter before I did. Apparently, because of the Columbus Day holiday, her new foodstamps money didn't make it into the account when it usually was there. And she was short about $30.

But this man, this complete stranger, diagnosed the issue in seconds and was there at her side like Superman swooping in to pay for the rest of this elderly lady's groceries.

She was astonished, hugging and smooching him up. I got all misty but I managed to tell the man what a lovely thing he'd done for her. He brushed it all off politely.

It got me thinking how one kind act like that appears like a shining ray of hope that everything isn't all anger and a lack of consideration for one's fellow man... or somebody's grandma.

Oh-- and one more thing before we go for today: I thought some of you reading fans out there might enjoy this interview that Karen Wodke, a Yahoo correspondent, had done with me regarding the recent launch of my novel, There Goes the Galaxy. We talk about inspiring writers, family support, the love of reading and more. It was a really fun experience! Click here to check that out.


Gina said...

Wow, I got goosebumps thinking about this man! I'm happy you shared this with us!

meleah rebeccah said...

I read that when you posted it on Facebook. But it's still so touching! It's really nice to know there are still truly KIND people in this world.

Andrea said...

I'm so excited for you and so proud of you. You've worked hard for this and the interview was fantastic. I am definitely going to buy one of your books!
You deserve this!

sussh said...

not many are so kind in today's world ! they just walk away like nothing happened !!!!! so nice to read such things called kindness still exsists !!!!

Lois said...

Hi Jenn.
Isn't it nice to know that there are still hero's in our world?
This incident goes to show that anyone can be one.
Thanks for sharing this story, it has made my blah day brighter.
Take care.

Kit said...

That's a great story; thanks for sharing it. People are so very kind and giving ... they really are, given half a chance. So often it's a matter of having an opportunity like that present itself, before we show our true colours. I go about my days following my own agenda, which is pretty self-absorbed, but I like to think that when I see a need right in front of me, I step up to the plate. That's when people say I'm goodhearted and generous and such, but I'm no more so than anyone else. It's just that when it's clear what I can do to help, I do it.