Treasure Box Wednesday: May the Thrift Be With You

Sorry for the e-silence last week. I had a record number of blog posts I had to write for a client for my day job (30, if you can believe that!) and my brain was too broken by Friday to even consider sitting down and speaking coherently to you good people.

But it wasn't because I didn't have any secondhand goodies to share with you. In fact, you'll probably get a chuckle from one purchase because, as wholly impractical as it is, it made me very happy-- a set of four Star Wars dolls from the 70s, which were exactly like the ones I used to play with at a friend's house when I was but a wee lass...

Inside this copy paper box lid was wrapped Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and Darth Vader. (My friend had everyone but Vader.) Leia still has her belt and her shoes; Luke still has his belt, weaponry and boots; Vader is, well, Vader.

It was at the L&L Fleatique in Adamsburg, and I stood there in the booth holding the box when one of the employees came by. "Do you want me to put that up at the front for you?" (They have shelves up there so you don't have to carry stuff around.)

"Um, no, I'm not sure if I want it yet." Meanwhile, I was probably hugging it a little, a flood of happy childhood memories crashing over me.

"Well, you can think about it and decide at the counter."

"No, I'm still deciding." (hug, hug, hug-- I realized she was going to have to pry it from my hands if she wanted to get it up to that counter.)

So I pretty much knew then it had to come home with me. Leia still needs her hair wrapped back into buns and Luke's shirt could use a good soaking. But they're in incredibly good shape. Better shape than I am after almost the same amount of time. :)

I'm going to give it to myself for my birthday in December. Remember, they are not dolls, they are "collectibles." :)

On my travels that weekend, I also found this cute Wizard of Oz juice glass...

It looks like it's an illustration from the book version of the story, given one of the scenes shows Dorothy putting on the green glasses that make her see the Emerald City in the right light.

And last, I bought two cute little vintage custard type cups which were exactly like the ones my mother used to use to bake popovers.

Same colors, same style, I got these from an antique shop in Bellevue.

And so that rolls the credits on this thrifting saga!

Oh, and while I remember-- for anyone who was interested in a paperback copy of my novel, There Goes the Galaxy, Amazon seems to have it on sale this week. You can check that out here: Happily, it seems to be getting some good reviews.

Have a great week folks, and may the thrift be with you!


Jaffer said...

At first I was thinking... how would those dolls fit with your decoration ?

Oh it was a good purchase and I am glad you got them !

Very clever use of the greed cloth with the wizard of ox glass !

Jaffer said...

Ahem ! You know I mean "Wizard of OZ" ...

I am sure the Ox won't mind.

Tanya @ Lovely Greens said...

I love them :) Did they put you back very much? I imagine that they're collectors items!

meleah rebeccah said...

OHMYGAH!! I sooooo want those Star Wars dolls too!

Janene said...

Oooh! I love Star Wars memorabilia! Very cool purchase, Jenn Looking at them really took me back.

Jenn Thorson said...

Jaffer- The Wizard of Ox was in the first draft of the novel. :)

Tanya- No, not really-- which was the surprising part. We have a local store dedicated to vintage toys and they were asking anywhere from $30 to $100 a piece for these sorts of dolls, so when I found this batch of them at nowhere near that price a piece, I was really excited. Yes, they are considered collector's items at this point. (Scary!)

Meleah- Ha, I knew you were around my age!

Janene- I begged and begged to go to Star Wars for my sixth birthday. So I did get to see that one, but I missed the other two in the theaters.

Comeca Jones said...

I love the little colored cups great find!