Christmas Magic, Mania and Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

I've been a busy bee lately...

Or, for those allergic to them, I have been the highly-productive animal analogy of your choice.

I still have a ton to do, of course-- go grocery shopping, finish the laundry, dust the master bedroom, do some last-minute wrapping, mail my Christmas cards, tidy the kitchen, feed the llama.... whathaveyou. But I am completely in control. I am NOT freaking out.

NOT freaking out. NOT.

Okay, well, maybe a little.

BUT-- I say, as I turn my Optimism Setting back to "On"-- the guest room is prepped and momentarily pretty, so I thought you all might enjoy seeing some photos fresh off the Powershot.

It's been a fairy-merry season this year, as you can see...

My James Christensen fairy figures which inhabit the spare room are a bit confused as it turned from Spring to Winter overnight. (Well, that's Pittsburgh weather for you.) One moment there's flowers entwined everywhere, and the next minute you're up to your bum in icicles and tinsel.

I imagine the next time I go in there, they'll be wearing earmuffs and shawls. :)

The little shabby-chic-looking dresser drawer you see here was a Goodwill find. Normally throughout the year, I have it spilling over with silk wildflowers. But for the winter holidays, a few ornaments do the trick.

And here on the other side of the room, a bit of cheer was spread involving some vintage-look ornaments, a carnival glass bowl, and an old mirror that I think originally was part of a medicine cabinet. Can you believe the bowl, the dresser tray it's sitting on, and the medicine cabinet mirror were thrift store goodies? So was the glass Santa-shaped jar filled with strings of costume jewelry pearls you see on the far left.

And lastly, let's descend for a moment from the guest room to the diningroom. Below is one of the side tables there. It's truly remarkable how a few simple ornaments in a bowl and a bit of ribbon tossed lazily on fake greenery can suddenly make a place look decorated and festive.

So, tell me-- are YOU all freaking out about getting everything done for the holidays? Have any coping techniques you'd like to recommend?-- like starting a therapeutic yoga routine, hitting the cooking sherry, or just bagging it and going to Club Med?

Tea and sympathy provided. Otherwise, I'll see you next week!


Kathryn & John said...

I love the vignette on the dresser. So feminine, so festive! My coping technique this year is to minimize my expectations. What gets done, gets done, Christmas will come and go...I just want a low-stress holiday if at all possible.

Stephanie said...

I love your taste! I'm a shabby chic freak, much to the dismay of my hubby. :)

ericat said...

Gorgeous! I love your writing style. To actually enjoy reading every word not about animals or nature is new to me. That is overdoing it - I read more than those 2 topics but they are my favorites.
I used to like flee markets and sales, but now I stay away as I can not resist to buy and I do not have the talent to decorate like you did. Mine looks like a flee market in the end.

Jenn Thorson said...

Kathryn- here's hoping you get the low-stress holiday you were hoping for!

Stephanie-- guys are so all over the board about tolerating things like Shabby Chic or Victorian. Strangely, my plumbers, electricians, etc. (big burly guys) always seem so supportive. It always gives me a chuckle.

Ericat-- thanks so much! And I bet you've got decorating talent in there you just don't know about. :-)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your posts. I love antiques and I love interior decorating. I love thrift stores and flea markets and auctions. Seems to me by all the photos I've seen, you are an exceptional decorator. An so very creative. Your photos look like something right out of a magazine. I will continue to visit for inspiration as I have no real decorating savy of my own. Thanks so much for sharing!

Greg said...

Are those fantastic shiny stars Thrift Finds?!?! They're fantastic!!