Thrifty Christmas for All and Through Bloggers Unite

In conjunction with BlogCatalog’s December 17th “Bloggers Unite: Act of Kindness” day, I'd thought of a somewhat unusual-- and, I think, appropriate-- way to do my part.

While I donate to thrift stores every year in both a monetary “Putting Cash in the Kettle” way, and in a traditional “Giving Bags o’Stuff Away” way, this year I had an opportunity to do something which might just help spread a little kindness to a thrift store charity organization all year long.

I’ve developed a Squidoo page on “Decorating with Thrift Store Finds” where royalties will go to the Salvation Army for any Amazon book purchases made through my recommended book list on that page.

As my regular readers know, The Thrift Shop Romantic doesn’t have things like online ads, paid product endorsements and affiliates. This has less to do with how I feel about advertising as a medium (I’m a marketing writer for my Real Job, after all), and a lot more about my not wanting folks to feel like they’re being sold to when they come here. I figure that since this is my hobby, I can’t expect other people to fund it.

I also intend the site to remain that way. I just think it’s fair and it works.

The Squidoo page, however, seemed to be a nice opportunity to spread the word about finding and enjoying thrift store treasures, while doing the thrift store a potential monetary good turn, as well. I plan to update the page regularly throughout the year with new tips, other resources as I find them, and unique ideas separate from my blog site here. Fresh content for everyone!

So, for anyone who’d like to check out the Squidoo page, click here.

For anyone who’d like to check out what other bloggers are up to for their own "Acts of Kindness," just click here.

And if you'd like to read my second post of today on thrifty Christmas decorating and Indoor Pine Tree Migratory Patterns, click here.

Me, I plan to continue to celebrate the day of kindness by... er... letting drivers making the Pittsburgh Left cut me off without complaint!

And... um... not singing with my headphones on at work!

And, uh... scratching the neighbor cat under the chin as long as she likes (which, if she has her way, can go on FOREVER).

Oh, the joy, the mercy, the kindness! :) Sending well wishes for a holiday season and a new year that is kindly to you all, too.


CyberCelt said...

Great post and I love the idea of the Squidoo page. I will visit.

God bless you from another thrift shopper in Texas.