Welcome to Thriftshopromantic.blogspot.com!

So you clicked the blog article link on the ThriftShopRomantic .Mac site-- just like you usually do and it took you... er, here.

To Blogger.

Um.... you're probably wondering why.

Well-- for one, this platform gives visitors a better ability to share comments and build a sense of community...

It has the nifty power to be sent out as an RSS feed...

And-- unlike what was been happening on my .Mac site -- (and here's the kicker)-- it UPLOADS consistently. So people can, oh, actually READ the posts. And so I don't have to spend TEN HOURS trying to get one post to go live. Like I did this last Sunday.

We are currently at Blogger because of my blood pressure. :-)

So while I continue to evaluate options on the least confusing way to continue to present the ThriftShopRomantic site content to you good folks, I'll be adding new blog posts here.

You'll still find links back to all of the past decorating projects, thrift store treasure-hunting, craft ideas, blog article archives and other goodies on the right hand side of this page-- plus newly-archived posts soon-to-come.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience you might have experienced. Now-- let's all enjoy this newfangled speedy load time! Woo-hoo!

I return you to your regularly scheduled blog.


Carrie said...

Great idea! It will make it easier to leave comments for you.

Unknown said...

We meet again - through my new friend 'Nothingprofund' (a total misnomer) I do like your site and style. I surely AM coming back - I can't be without making a maddening nuisance of myself in the cyber world (other than on GameKnot.com! Do you play chess Jenn - silly question, you are a busy woman... (tee hee) Take care.