Treasure Box Wednesday: Of Flowers, Forgiveness and Field Trips

It's been a heckuva week for me, friends, and I ask that you please forgive me for a less-than-hearty post today. For the last week, I have had two writing projects for work taking my attention-- and both of them are, in some twist of fate, due at the same time!

This has meant long workdays, weekend work, and--(gasp)-- no thrifting! So while all work and no play makes Jenn a mildly grumpy girl, I don't want to leave you all empty-handed today. You all deserve better than that.

So in addition to these couple of snaps (and in one case, a snap-dragon!) of the flowers in my yard...

I thought you might also get a good Wednesday chuckle from these past tales on my humor blog.

  • Henry the Eighth Goes to Counseling is from the perspective of King Henry Tudor's therapist, Mrs. Harker, who's been trying to help Henry work through some of those intimacy issues of his-- you know, what with all the beheadings. If you were curious what I actually sound like, here's your chance to find out: I'd done it as a sound file. I won't win any awards for acting, but I hope you'll get a smile. Check that out here.

And that's all from me today, my buds! I'll be back on Sunday with the regular weekly post, as my life should have sorted itself out a bit better by then.

Take care of yourselves!