Hoorays, Bouquets, and Happy Mother's Day

Every time I decide to tackle a new little household project, it's always prefaced with 1/3 "Am I going to actually be able to do this myself?" and 2/3 "Are the DIY gods going to let me?"

I mean, anyone who's ever done anything around the house knows: what you think might be this quick, tiny task can easily snowball into needing some completely unexpected specialized tools... Or, oh, retaining wall support... Or some contractor named Rocco.

And you look at the cracked plaster around you, and the exposed wires and the water shooting out of your pipes and wonder, "How did this happen when I just wanted to install a new light switch cover?"

(Okay, I exaggerate. But it does feel that way sometimes.)

So, I've had this plug-in crystal chandelier pendant lamp for a while I've been hoping to hang. And there seemed no more appropriate place to add it than in my very French blue sitting room.

But given it required ladders and drills and potential issues with a possibly-plaster ceiling, I was hesitant.

I pretended it wasn't sitting there waiting for me.

I chose not to notice it as it winked in the light to get my attention.

So today was the day I summoned my nerve, energy (and put Rocco on standby) and decided to hang it.
You know how silly you feel when you've been putting something off for months and then get it accomplished in under a half hour without issue?

Ah, but... Look! So shiny...
This was, by the way, a Target find. A Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic piece I stumbled upon and snatched up a while ago. I'm seeing less of her items lately, so I'm supposing the Shabby Chic trend is at the end of its run-- but I think sparkly never really quite goes out of style.

I also moved my favorite roses painting into a prime, centralized spot within the fire surround...

As it's a faux fireplace anyway, it's safe there, and the painting seems to add a bit of needed color. Anyway, it had to move it from its original spot, because I finally found what I'd wanted for the room's large far wall...
...A courting couple tapestry courtesy of Ebay. (For whatever reason, I got a crazy-good deal on the piece... and I was delighted how large it was, when it arrived. This is definitely why it pays to price compare!)

Below, you'll see what happened to those pretty Victorian illustrated books I got last weeked...
The colors in the vignette all seem to work well together, and the books were just too decorative to hide away in a bookcase.

I was also pleased to incorporate the crystal flute my mother had gotten me long ago...
I took flute lessons for eight years growing up, but this delicate glass instrument hasn't gotten the attention it deserved until now.

It's sort of wonderful to me that I happened to have found the right spot for it on Mother's Day.

And speaking of Mother's Day... For all you mothers out there (er, I mean that in the very best way), I send to you my most sweetly-scented bouquet of the season...
The lilacs are budding overtime this year. Just inhale that delightful perfume!

Wait, you can't smell it yet? Well, how about we get a little closer?...
Don't worry, the nose prints on your computer screen will come off with just a spritz of window cleaner. :)

Anyway, best wishes to all of you! Coming up this week, we'll have Treasure Box Wednesday as usual, and then Sunday, I believe I'll take you to the annual Regent Square Neighborhood Yard Sale!

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The Tattered Cottage said...

Everything looks lovely. I know what you mean about tackling some DIY projects...I question myself all the time. Have a great Mother's Day.
♥ Toni

Melanie said...

Gorgeous light. It looks just perfect there. I know what you mean about DIY projects, but I'm not lucky enough to have a Rocco on stand-by.

dustbunny8 said...

You have pulled together your blue room so nicely.It has been fun to watch,you have a great eye.Thanks for sharing with us!

Alex M said...

When those Shabby-Chic chandeliers first came out at Target,I thought "gees, I should buy one so I'm not cursing myself later when they can no longer be found."

Needless to say, I neglected to buy one (or two) and am now kicking myself!!!

Jenn Thorson said...

Toni- Well, I guess it's better to question in advance than to get involved in something that's way too complex. :) Thanks for visiting!

Melanie- Heh, no, my Rocco is actually my dad who I can phone in panic. He's thousands of miles away, but he can usually talk me through stuff.

DustBunny- My pleasure! It's been a ton of fun, and nice to have it finally about done.

Alex- I only saw them one time-- and there was only one there-- the one I grabbed. It was completely flukey!