Treasure Box Wednesday: Beauties in Bloom

Given this week's treasures of a nifty, thrifty kind were shared on Sunday's post about the Regent Square neighborhood yard sale, I thought today's Treasure Box might take the time to share a little beauty of a different kind.

My Helen Hayes roses are gloriously in bloom right now... Or rather, I should say "were." An enthusiastic rainstorm stripped them of many of their petals. Which is why I'm so glad I captured them in pixels when they were in their glory.

I present them to you today, with just a few verses courtesy of one of the 1910-ish illustrated poetry booklets I got recently from the Pottery City antique mall. These are by Ella Wheeler Cox from a book called Blossoms...
Sunshine and Shadow

For the longer I look on the bright side of earth,
The more of the beautiful do I discover:
And really, I never knew what life was worth
Till I searched the wide storehouse of happiness over.
It is filled from the cellar well up to the skies,
With things meant to gladden the heart and the eyes.
The doors are unlocked, you can enter each room,
That lies like a beautiful garden in bloom.

Summer Song

I am glad as a child in this beautiful weather;
I have tossed all my burdens and trials away;
My heart is as light-- yes, as light as a feather;--
I am care-free, and careless, and happy to-day,
Can it be there approaches a dark, drear to-morrow?
Can shadows e'er fall on this beautiful earth?
Ah! to-day is my own! no forebodings of sorry
Shall darken my skies, or shall dampen my mirth.

And just to keep today's post on a theme, I'll leave you good folks with the following...


If in any way I have helped a soul,
Or given a spirit pleasure,
Then my cup of joy, I shall think is full
With an overflowing measure.

Hope to see you Sunday!


Linda said...

Gorgeous roses! I have one in my yard and it is glorious but I don't know it's name! Have a wonderful day!

Jenn Thorson said...

Linda- Oh, I love roses of all kinds-- named or anonymous. :) You have a great week yourself.