Treasure Box Wednesday: Modern Pre-Raphaelite

I may not have thrifted anything to share with you all this last week, but I never like to leave my lovely guests empty-handed.

So I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the new web site that artist Michael Thomas passed along to me.

I have three of his paintings, each of which are done in a very Pre-Raphaelite style-- the lone medieval maiden with the flawless face and wistful expression-- and his skilled work enchanted me from the start. It was Rapunzel here which I originally spotted on Ebay that drew my attention to his work...
And now he's got his own web site here at:

He does a variety of paintings, often with a storybook illustrative or fantasy bent. I notice he has some prints available of the original painting I have here, "Pisces"...
Anyway, I just thought you folks might enjoy a little mental journey to far-away lands through his work. I look at his paintings every day in my William Morris styled livingroom, and I figured the enjoyment was worth spreading around.

Take care and have a nifty thrifty rest of your week!


KathleenAnne said...

Lovely paintings, I visited Michael's website and his Decorative Figure paintings are all so wonderful. I favor the one called 'Pisces'.
Thanks for sharing these and the link to Michael Thomas website..

Jenn Thorson said...

Kathleen- Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it, too. Thanks much for visiting.

Kelly said...

Those are beautiful! I am a big fan of Pre-Raphaelite art so I love this. Thank you for the link.