Treasure Box Wednesday: the Alice in Wonderland Kitchen

Given this particular Treasure Box Wednesday, I have nothing newly-thrifted to share with you all, I thought I would instead show you a room I hadn't really taken pictures of before.

Many of you folks were "with" me as I spent time creating my "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired faux stained glass window. (Thank you for your patience over that lengthy process!) But I never got a chance to show the big picture, and just why this particular theme had taken over my land of cookery.

It was the joy of finding Fiestaware, and integrating that into my otherwise Victorian house that left me trying to blend the streamlined art deco style of the dishes with the William Morris, Arts & Crafts red and green livingroom that the kitchen opens onto.

And one day I got looking at my collection of bright Fiesta candleholders and vases here...

...Thinking, "These Fiesta folks are completely mad! Look at those crazy shapes!"

And that's when something in my brain said, "Hmmmmmm...."

I already had a strange number of pottery hearts hanging around...
And then at Tuesday Morning, I uncovered purely on accident some odd-and-assorted plates, bowls and cups from a British-designed Alice in Wonderland dinner set. Each one had a quote from the book-- and being a writer and a huge fan of the tale since childhood, that was just too much for me to resist!

The timing was right!

Fiesta, it turns out, also made some heart-shaped dishes, a number of which I found in their outlet discount area.

Add to this things like a Humpty Dumpty teapot I had thrifted long ago and put into action now...

And a McCoy rabbit pottery pitcher, well... the whimsical theme has worked surprisingly well without being impractical for kitchen use.
The colors transition nicely from one room to another now, even though the kitchen is a lot more kaleidoscopic than the rest of the house. The pops of red, and an Arts & Crafts rug, really tie it together.

I also had fun with a little, er, prop...Anyway, that's the Treasure Box for this week. Hope the rest of your week is filled with wonders!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the whimsy and the fun colors. You have done a great job to pull all the colors together. I love it!

Lois said...

Hi Jenn!
I really enjoyed this post. I mean that I enjoy all your posts BUT this one is up there as one of my faves! Your kitchen is so colorful. I love how you show off all your dishes. I am jealous of your Alice in Wonderland theme. Maybe someday I will have the space to be able to show off pretty dishes....after I buy them that is. Sigh....I have white Corning Ware with the Iris design on it for everyday use (they were really cheap) and Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village" for good dishes (a wedding present from a favorite uncle/aunt 39 years ago and really not what I would have chosen but it is the thought that counts right? And I know the set was given to me with a lot love behind the gift.)
Anyway, your kitchen reminds me of my Gram's kitchen when I was a little girl. It brings back a lot of happy memories for me. Thank you so much, as always, for sharing.
Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Jenn Thorson said...

Linda- Thanks a bunch! It's always risky putting together such diverse stuff, I always have to play around with it a bit before I've decided whether it works or not.

Lois- Those old kitchen cabinets of mine are so gigantic that showing off the dishes is really the best way I've found to break things up a bit-- so it's just not a wall of wood.

I hope someday you get some dishes that really speak to you as being "you." I understand how gifts of things like dishware have great meaning and sentiment, but sometimes the patterns aren't quite what we'd chose ourselves.

I'm delighted you like the post!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love the unusual pops of colors and the subtle (and not so subtle) Wonderland references!

Jenn Thorson said...

Nathalie- Thank you!-- It's my second round of decorating the kitchen, but this time I think it really works a lot better.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i just adore this! i just stumbled upon your blog and have been following you for a short while, but i love your kitchen and can't wait to get to know you better in blogland! love alice in wonderland so much! what a great way you followed a theme without making things over the top!