Treasure Box Wednesday: Secret Christmas Treasures and the Biggest Thrift Purchase Ever

The Treasure Box might look empty this week, but that's only because most of the things I thrifted were not, in fact, for me. Post-Christmas I'll be able to share with you all the thrifted goodies I found for some friends who appreciate cool vintage stuff, either as stand-alone items or as part of thrifted gift baskets.

For me, I really only uncovered the nifty 70s blue carnival glass piece above and a couple of CDs. This was from the Salvation Army Superstore in West Mifflin.

My shopping buddy this day-- Dad-- however, went on to thrift what I believe was the most monumental item I can recall us thrifting in our lengthy history. At the Goodwill on Pittsburgh's South Side, Dad managed to get himself a very nice Dell laptop computer-- in great shape, running smoothly, and with all the bells and whistles he was looking for.

That branch has the only computer store in the region, and the guys who helped him seemed to really know their computers.

Dad was additionally floored because he got a 10% senior discount on the thing-- not something you get when you buy from a retail computer store, necessarily-- and a free laptop bag to boot!

So he's been having a great old time, using the laptop for all his computing needs, plus playing DVDs, enjoying a brisk game of computerized Solitaire, etc.

And me, I need to finish Christmas shopping. Somehow the holidays just keep sneaking up on me. You blink and there they are, waiting for you!

Tell me, how are you folks doing on your shopping this year? Are you close to done? And do you thrift any of your presents?


Sweet Violet said...

I actually picked up a fantastic bargain last month when I was visiting my MIL. We are going back this weekend with a trailer to bring it home...a vintage 6 piece white wicker set, complete with cushions and back cushions, all in unbelievably good condition. Even the tables still had their original glass! My new house has a sunroom and this is what I have been wanting for it, but the stores are all carrying that woven plastic junk. Settee, 2 chairs, two side tables and a coffee table for R2500 ($325 or so). Can you believe it??

Lili said...

So how does Harry look in Carnival Glass?

Jenn Thorson said...

Violet- Oh, how nice! The sunroom is going to be just wonderful! Excellent find.

Lili- Harry has left it alone. There's nothing good to bite on it. :)

Miss Toni said...

"...thrift any of your presents?" Meaning buy thrifts for gifts or give gifts you receive to thrift stores?? (Completely unintentional rhyming going on here) Because yes- I've got some great gifts found in thrift, and I'm sorry to say that funky sweater given to me by my wonderful Aunt Maxine last Christmas ended up in a thrift store! :) (No offense to any fellow thrifter who may have picked it up- or Aunt Maxine for that matter.)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I do thrift for many of my gifts. Most of my friends are well aware of my thrifty ways and appreciate their gifts. Love that your Dad found a computer!