Treasure Box Wednesday: Victorian Decorating at the Frick Mansion

I love it when it's possible to share with you all some of our architectural and decorative treasures located here in Pittsburgh, and one of my favorite local gems has been the beautiful Victorian mansion, Clayton, which had been home to the Frick family.

So I was truly delighted when I found this detailed tour of Clayton, and the Frick museums. I hope you'll have a moment to enjoy this video-- get to see the amazing textiles, learn more about how the Fricks lived, and learn more about the Victorian era.

I've done this tour a number of times-- both in the Christmas season, and during summer, when the flowers are in bloom. And there's a knock-out cafe there, too, which has become a favorite place for friends and I to go on special occasions.

And the best thing about this online tour? No fee necessary and you can take all the time you need to look around. :)


Lisa Gatz said...

Lovely Blog! I work at a thrift store so I enjoy looking at what others do with their thrift store purchases to decorate with!