Huzzahs for the Thrift King Thrift Store

(Insert trumpet fanfare here: Da-da-DAAAAAA!) Here ye, here ye, Pittsburgh area thrift fans! There is a new thrift store in town, right off Route 30, at 100 Lowry Street in Jeannette... And it is called: The Thrift King!

I popped in there last Sunday, tempted by the sheer size of the store, and I was not disappointed. While I may not have purchased anything this particular run, what I did find was selection and great presentation.

First of all, picture aisles you could actually move down while someone passed you with a cart. This is unheard of in the world of thrift stores in my area. I've grown accustomed to being run over by enthused shoppers overcome by the tunnel vision which can accompany serious thrifting.

The clothes, too, seemed to be in great condition, and the shoes were seriously tempting-- lots of newer styles still appropriate for today.

The furniture section was serious-- it's own room and filled with options. There are shelves of housewares, books at the back, and more collectible stuff and jewelry in cases up front.

All in all, a really bright clean store. So I will definitely be hitting this again on my Route 30 travels.

Their hours are Monday through Saturday 9am to 7:30pm and Sunday 11am to 5:30pm.

Their address is 100 Lowry Avenue, Hempfield Township, PA 15644 and their phone is 724-374-5011. You can check out their web site at

NOW for one other order of business today...

Here's your chance to help out a fellow Thrift Shop Romantic reader...

Does anyone here know a reliable person or business who paints furniture using an industrial spray painter in the general Pittsburgh area you'd be willing to recommend? Someone has a dining set that needs a smoothly painted facelift, and I didn't have any recommendations for her myself.

You can either leave a comment here, or email me directly at thriftshopromantic[at]

Thanks in advance! And Thrift Happy!


meleah rebeccah said...

Wish I could help. But, no, I do NOT know a reliable person or business who paints furniture using an industrial spray painter in the general Pittsburgh area!

And, now I wish we had a Thrift King here in NJ!

Crsyatl Williams said...

Aww,.. makes me wish I lived in Pittsburgh. Good thrift stores here are few and far between. Happy Thrifting!

aimee said...

Indeed, bigger is better when it comes to thrift stores! There's one in my town that's housed in a former Big Lots store. I've often thought that there's enough furniture in this thrift store to furnish a starter home - but like in your Thrift King, there's plenty of room for housewares, shoes, clothes etc as well!

june in florida said...

Heard some Midas locations will do furniture, was mentioned on the Nate show.

Layele said...

Just an FYI, this store is located at 1100 Lowry Avenue, not 100!! Thanks for the blog!!

Anonymous said...

wanted to buy a china cabinet but it was sixy dollars and broken and the owner said he woudl not come down on the price..the thrift king is for people who dont' have money..come on now..its broken and you want sixty dollars for it..what a rip

Anonymous said...

where does this $$ go??? is it like a goodwill or salvation army?? does the community benefit besides being a discounted store??