Treasure Box Thursday: Cool Finds on a Hot Day

After a couple of weeks of either staying home to get chores done, or attending happy events like my friend's wedding, it was really great to hop in the car and head down Route 30-- one of my favorite treks-- and do a bit of thrift-'tiquing.

The item above wasn't a thrift find, but was too amazing to pass up. This came from a booth at the L&L Fleatique in Adamsburg, and is a 1940s/50s ice crusher in original pink and absolutely amazing shape. You can see the box right there-- printed as bright and clear as if it were yesterday. I had eyed this up during a few of my visits to the Fleatique, and finally caved and brought it home with me.

Pink must have been on the brain a bit, because I also found this vintage lidded Pyrex casserole dish in pink for $3.

Amazing to find the dish and lid intact. I have to say, when I do dishes and wash up all these pink Pyrex bowls, it is just one really charming dish drain.

(Heh- not that anybody else ever sees it, really. But still... atmosphere!)

Lastly at the L&L Fleatique, I picked up a small blue vintage pottery vase. I just really liked its lines...

I guess by the time I made it to "Junk for Joy" in Jeanette, PA, the pink bug had fully gotten me. But what a fun 1950s/60s pink cookie jar...

And just look, the original label is still on it.

It reads: "Lustro-Ware! Elegante-- Guaranteed unbreakable for one year"... It must be the extra "e" in "elegante" that makes it so very durable, eh?

At the Good Samaritan Thrift Store and Goodwill I found some sheep planters.

I think most of the vintage lamb planters used in my Easter display actually came from the Good Samaritan. It's become a fun running joke with the nice lady who runs the shop. She saw me coming to the register with this one and started chuckling. I imagine she knew what I'd be taking home the moment I stepped through the door! I need to print some Easter pictures out for her sometime to show her the flock.

I also found a nice book of interesting Victorian-influenced floral wrapping papers. I'd gotten some of these a few years ago at a Barnes and Noble outlet, so was glad to find this. Great for birthdays, mother's day, etc.

And before we go today, I wanted to announce that The Thrift Shop Romantic has found its Official Blog Flower. Or rather, the flower has found the blog... and let me tell you why!

My blogging friend Claire is a talented hobby photographer. While usually she takes glorious landscape photos on her hikes, she recently has been hitting the gardens around her England home for inspiration. When she posted this lovely...

...I asked her the name of it. And she came back laughing, telling me it's name is-- get this-- ARMERIA Nifty Thrifty.

I kid you not. And honestly, because dear Claire is a bit of a kidder herself, I wasn't entirely sure she wasn't pulling my leg. But no, Bluestone Perennials confirms it. And therefore, I dub it the Official Flower of The Thrift Shop Romantic!

Thanks a million, Claire, for uncovering it, as well as for letting me use your great photo. You're, as they say, a star!

Hm-- I've got that ice chopper. Sounds like it's pina colada time! What do you all say? Who wants one? :)


Claire said...

All I read was Pina Colada time! woot,I shall have three :)

I have seen many a pyrex dish like that, just not that shade of pink.

The flower fits in perfectly with your blog and even goes with the colours in your layout :)

I am so happy you used it.

Claire said...

Me pull your leg? never!

Ha :)

Lennye said...

I used to live outside of Washington, PA and Pennsylvannia has the BEST thift and flea markets. I now live in a little town in Georgia and I hardly ever find great deals at the thrift store, but I keep looking. Right now I'm looking for some vintage Pyrex, so I loved your picture.

Jenn Thorson said...

Claire- I'm sending you a virtual pina colada. Hopefully sometime you'll be in the States, or I'll be in the UK, and we can meet for that long-discussed non-virtual beer or something. :)

Yup, it's funny how perfect the pinky-purple shade of the flower is with the blog.

Jenn Thorson said...

Lennye- Oh, it's true. We're really lucky here in Western PA. I used to go to a few things out Washington way, as well. (We have a lot of road construction now which is making those sorts of trips difficult.)

Here's hoping you find what you're looking for there in Georgia. It's amazing how much thrifting varies around the US.

Good luck with the Pyrex.

Jenn with 2 enns said...

"when I do dishes and wash up all these pink Pyrex bowls, it is just one really charming dish drain.

(Heh- not that anybody else ever sees it, really. But still... atmosphere!)"

But YOU see it! I recently read a post by someone somewhere who had a set of dishes for 12, yet she only used four place-settings, at most, AND she hated the pattern on the dishes! So, she's donating the 12 place-settings and will buy four that she loves to look at. I think it's very important to love the things one has around, otherwise it's all just clutter.

The lambs are darling, too! I really enjoy your site - I'm a thrift-store champ, as well!

Lidian said...

That cookie jar is to die for, just a brilliant find! And I love the pink Pyrex too, I will have to start looking out for that up here.

Lord, I want to be whole said...

I love your finds! Those little lamb planters are adorable, I remember seeing those long ago.

I love the ice crusher mmmm slushy drinks!!!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Lidian- Hey, thanks-- it's so funny that the cookie jar still has its original sticker on it, I love that. I see a LOT of Pyrex on my journeys and the prices vary between "really cheap" and "collector's item". Depends on the vendor.

Lord,IWantToBeWhole- Ah, the lambs are fun. I think they're from the 50s and 60s. And one virtual pina colada, coming right up! :)

Da Old Man said...

I was wondering if the cookie jar had some vintage 1960's cookies in it, some ancient Toll House or maybe a snickerdoodle?

MMMM, snickerdoodles. They just sound fun.

I'll pass on the pina colada, though. Little too girly for me.

Sarah and Jack said...

I have that ice crusher in yellow. But pink? Way cooler.

Shirl said...

Hi, just found your blog. Love your thrifty finds!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Da Old Man- No, I hate to burst your bubble, but it was cookie-free. And also, I think, never used. We can probably whip you up a "manly crushed ice beverage", Joe. Martini- shaken, not stirred? :)

Sarah and Jack- I bet yellow is fun-looking, too, though. I can see that being really excellent in a kitchen.

Shirl- Hey thanks, glad you did find us! Glad to have you visit.

white o'morn.cottage said...

That flower is beautiful and just perfect for your blog! Pam

Sherry Goodloe said...

I could go for one of those pina coladas right about now! Love your thrift store finds. You scored!!

Jenn Thorson said...

Pam- Thanks muchly for stopping by! :)

Sherry- Mm, pina coladas... :) Some weeks the thrifts are filled to the brim, and sometimes now. You just never know.

Anonymous said...

Oh TSR! A girl after my own heart...Pink Pink PINK! My favourite color! If I could I would have all my kitchen appliances the color pink , like they had in the 50's! Way cool, you scored big time! P.S. I'd love a virtual Pina Colada, plenty of crushed ice from your new find! lol!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Anonymous- I like your enthusiasm! :) There was an unusual amount of 50s pink this last week. I will get working on that virtual Pina Colada for ya-- comin' right up! :)