Treasure Box Wednesday: Shellfish and Not Sho Shellfish

If you put your ear to this shell, you can hear it say how cheap it was. "Baaaargain...." it whispers. "Baaaaaargain."

And this weekend certainly was good for those. In addition to several pieces of Pyrex shared with you earlier this week in the Pyrexia post (click here for that one), I found one gift for someone, and a number of goodies for me, too.

But first, let me say, on a sunny summer day, when everyone else was tanning themselves at the community pool, or riding down The Three Rivers in a boat, what was this pasty red-head doing? I was hitting the thrift stores and taking the road less travelled!

Why, if thrifting were like driving on the Autobahn, this weekend's shopping would have been Varvegneugen. The aisles were clear, and something happened which has never happened in this history of my going to the Red White and Blue on Route 51-- I got a parking space out front! (Normally I have to drive down an alley, over a bridge, and up an incline just to find a spot.) It was amazing.

But enough of that. On to the good stuff! So let's talk gifts. How about another dolly for my family friend?

This little gal reminds me of the character Mary from "A Secret Garden." And I'm thinking if I can find a nice copy of that book, and some flower seeds, it would make a really nice gift basket.

Speaking of books, there were a couple of those, as well. My shopping buddy on this adventure, Scoobie, well, she's a book-a-holic. Virtually any thrift, and she comes away with a stack of good reads. And this time, she found two for me, too, that thoughtful gal did! One from my friend P.G. Wodehouse, and one by Alice Hoffman.

Also uncovered was this great stack of eight old sandwich plates, and 2 platters, all in a thistle-purple color.

These seem to be from around the early 1900s (judging by their style, similar to the whiteware calendar and portrait plates I collect.) But I had no idea they made ones like this as dinnerware. So this was a fun find.

And speaking of fun, I came across one more World War II souvenir pillowcover. Another from the U.S. Army, devoted to "Sister." This one I think will work nicely in to my red-and-green living room.

And lastly, I'd wanted to share with you this cute little vintage bear planter. I don't know that he's necessarily of value -- other than to me, because I thought he was charming...

It was one of those things I just knew I'd feel bad about if I left it there in the store. And at a couple of bucks, the price really was right.

So, that's what was inside the Treasure Box. I found a couple of other things, but they are Top Secret at the moment, because they're going into a basket for an online friend who reads the blog. I promise I'll come clean on that later, though. I just don't want to ruin the surprise.

Click here if you missed out on the mania o' Pyrex from Sunday.

And, for everyone else-- thrift happy!


Anonymous said...

Super finds! I just love to see what you find...always something special!...Pam

Jenn Thorson said...

Hey, thank you, Pam! I always like seeing your treasures as well. They're always so cozy and inviting.

Lois said...

I love the plates.
Lucky you for that great find.
Don't you just love it when you
get a great bargin that is not only pretty but practical too?

Shirley said...

Love the doll! Who made the doll? She has a very sweet face. She looks porcelain. If you look on her neck it should say a few numbers like 100/1000 wich would mean that she was the 100th doll made out of 1000. It should have an artist signature too unless it was mass produced.

Anonymous said...

That bear cub is adorable. Can you imagine a small bonsai tree planted in there or some other indoor plant that resembles a tree? Just darling. Good choice!!!

Jenn Thorson said...

Lois- Oh, absolutely I do. And there are so many great practical but pretty things out there if you look. It's such fun.

Shirley- I will have to take a closer look at the doll. I really hadn't checked that out, I just was choosing based on expression, etc. She is made of porcelain, yes. I thought she was really nicely done. Now I have to go check her head. :)

Chyna- What an excellent idea! You're absolutely right how perfect that would be. I can totally picture it based on what you said. How fun!