Treasure Box Wednesday: The Vase Unknown

Anyone who thrifts regularly knows that thrifting for something specific is typically as futile as trying to herd cats. Or to use a metaphor, the Gods of Thrift are generous, yes, but they have quite the little sense of humor. And they seem to believe that their followers should be grateful for what the gods have deemed they can have-- above what they might actually have hoped to find.

It's a bit like discovering things washed upon a sandy shoreline. The stranded pirate might want a case of rum. What he gets might very well be a ladies' bonnet and a message from the stranded pirate two islands over asking someone with a ship for help.

Over the weekend, I went thrifting hoping I might run across some Fiestaware.

Now, you might be saying, "What? C'mon. You can't find Fiestaware at thrift stores!"

Only I have before. I live not far away from the land o' Fiesta's birthplace. So it's not quite as common as Pyrex, but it does lurk among our household items occasionally.

But, ah... the Gods of Thrift were on their game that day-- so it was not to be. No, instead I found myself with two Mystery Vases.

This intricate red jobbie had McCoy written all over it to me...
...Only not literally, or it wouldn't be an unknown vase. But the finish, the color, the organic lines with a bit of art deco to it... All the stylistic qualities of McCoy.

Yet my McCoy book doesn't show it. That's mystery number one.

Mystery number two is this little blue pottery vase....

Also organic lines, also the matte finish associated with some McCoy, and also with no mark on the bottom, I couldn't find this one in my book, either.

I love both of the vases just as much for their own innate qualities. But it would be nice to know who made them. Alas, that may take more time!

What won't take time is this--
My little vintage sheep planter from Japan which I found at the Goodwill. Folks who are long-time readers know I use these at Easter as part of a display. And this happy little sheep will be a nice addition to the collection.

I also happen to know where this tumbler and cereal bowl came from...
This is part of a Hazel Atlas Platonite dish set I've been pulling together, from the Depression era. I think I only have one other bowl, and the cup represents my first tumbler. At $1.25 each at the L&L Fleatique, I felt I did pretty darned well.

So that represents this week's Treasure Box!

Have you all had any interesting finds at the thrifts, and other resale venues? I'd love to hear about what makes you happy.

Have a great week, and I'll see you Sunday with a brand-new post!


Jen said...

Great finds! I love the red vase, I too would suspect MCcoy...interesting.

Linda said...

I hope someone knows about your vases, they are really nice! I love the Hazel Atlas Platonite. I found 5 green cups the other day at a thrift.

Le-Chat said...

I love that blue vase, even though that pale blue is not really my colour...
You know it's even harder with the Gods of the Curb, but you may remember I found some amazing things just when I needed them.

Jenn Thorson said...

Jen- Thanks for the second opinion-- I'm glad it's not just my imagination that it looks McCoy-ish. :)

Linda- You never know; folks here are a wealth of great knowledge. Way to go on the green cups. Getting as many as 5 at a time while thrifting is really excellent. Usually I'll see them as solitary cups.

Le-Chat- Yes, you sure did find just the thing you were looking for, curbside, more than once!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

McCoy is also a favorite of mine and we do get the odd piece up here. I have one pink piece I found a while back at a Goodwill and I need to authenticate it too. There's a ton of McCoy that never seemed to get posted in a book, isn't there? there's so many things that make me happy. I can't list them!

dustbunny8 said...

Yes,be careful how you put your request to the thrift gods.I wished for a box for my silverware and found a nice one for only 4$.But the knives to my set don't fit in the knife slots!Oh well,back to wishing and can't complain about the price!I am a rabbit girl myself but I am looking forward to the Great Easter Lambie Wamie of 2010.Love the vases!

Andrea said...

I hope that I'm the ANDREA on that little slip of paper!!! I've never won anything before off of the blogs that so entertain me. If I'm not THE ANDREA, I'm as redfaced as your mystery vase, which is a bigger mystery to me.

You got some great deals!

Jenn Thorson said...

Lucy and Dick- I'd actually like to know the percentage of vases out there that are McCoy but haven't been verified. I have a couple suspect vases, but may never know. This red one... I can't imagine who might have made it if not McCoy. I do love your enthusiasm! I know how you feel- the world is filled with interesting, beautiful things.

DustBunny- See, you're so right, when it's that cheap, it becomes all okay. And I'm chuckling because you totally remember "the Great Easter Lambie Whammy"! That made my day.

Andrea- T'is you, indeed! You are TSR's only Andrea to-date. :)

67 Not Out (Mike Perry) said...

Arrived here via blogcatalog.

Interesting blog. In England we call them Charity Shops and I love to rummage in them.

Problem is nowadays that the shops have got wise to the good stuff and have 'experts' taking their pick before the general public are allowed to look.

The thing is though, you still never know what you might find.


My Vintage Treasures said...

Love all your finds. Around here some of our thrift stores price their items as if they were in a top notch antique store... or the person pricing the items doesn't want them to sell...LOL

May the thrift gods be good to all of us!!!

Anonymous said...

Rosewood? Zanesville?
I know I've seen those patterns before. They were the sort of thing you'd see in Wisconsin on an auntie's windowsill.

Found a new antique/resale store filled with the most amazing collection. From clothing to odd things that were popular wall hangings in the 70s and 80s, it was just fun to poke around.

Lois said...

Hey Jenn!
Both vases are very nice. I hope you find out who made them. They are very pretty colours.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week.

Jenn Thorson said...

Mike- Yes, a lot of our thrift/charity shops here are also sifting out the more antiquey items and either pricing them at more antique store prices, or selling them online on the Goodwill auction site. I didn't get a chance to go to any charity shops, unfortunately, when I was in the UK last.

My Vintage Treasures- You said it-- best of luck to everyone in finding their own little delights!!

WordTapestry- You know, I think you may be on to something there-- it might very well be Roseville. As I recall, it was stylistically quite similar to McCoy, and I don't have any books to look it up. I may do some digging online and see.

Lois- Hey, thanks-- to you, as well!!